Switzerland – Paradise On Earth

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God’s own country, affluent with tantalising sights of ice kissed mountains cape, dense forestation and gorgeous scenic backdrops beacons even the weariest traveller. Switzerland prides itself of the finest array of Swiss knives, mouth-watering cheese, wines, intricately crafted wooden bird chime wall clocks and startling city locales.

Geneva, with its predominantly French dialect, is picturesquely huddled between the mount Jura and Alpine summit and situated in the bay of Lake Geneva, known for its metres high jet water spray. The Lake Geneva is the place from where the Rhone commences it journey. With its empathetic spirit and multi-ethnic, broad minded panache, Geneva is regarded as the most superlative global city. It is the European Head Office of the Union Nations and the Red Cross. Geneva, globally renowned for its watches, has on its display case the huge flower clock situated in the English Garden.

Bern, the quaint capital town of Switzerland, centre for the Parliament House, situated alongside the Aare River, has an impressive assortment of stone disguises, tapering alleys, classic shopping boulevards and primeval towers. The place has a classic rustic feel with its highly raised Rose Garden on top the Bear Pits and the hundred metre high tall Cathedral Tower. One can socialize at the numerous lounge bars, cabaret plays, and open air street cafes that dot the place.

Zurich, the multiethnic core of Europe and centrally located in Switzerland, has in offing multiple relaxation facilities for everyone with its alluring array of clubhouses, museums and the breathtaking views of the waterfalls of the Mighty Rhine.

Atop the highest altitude rail station of Jungfraujoch, the highest point in Europe has breathtaking views of the Sphinx Terrace and the Aletcsch Glacier. The Ice Palace has a gorgeous display of ice carved figurines. A must visit is Interlaken known for its impressive health spas and retreats.

Situated picturesquely among mighty mountain ranges on the Lake Lucerne, is the entryway to the core Switzerland, Lucerne. In Museggmauer, a wall has been well maintained holds significant historic nature. City of countless classic cathedrals , the primeval Jesuit Church, twin towers of Hofkirche, statue of the dying lion, metres long Bourbaki paintings, all make the trip truly memorable.


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  1. mattress says:

    Switzerland really is paradise. My favorite areas are the Lake Lucerne area and the Arosa area. Unfortunately I have not visited Switzerland is 15 years but this article is inspiring me to go back.

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