Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple in Malaysia

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Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple is a Hindu temple in the country of Malaysia; it is one of the oldest Hindu temples of the country. Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple is located in the Malacca, a Malaysian state. This temple is also among the few Chitty temples existing in this country currently. This temple was originally built in the year 1781 by a Chitty leader called Thavinayagar Chitty. The plot of Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple was gifted to Thavinayagar Chitty by Malacca’s then Dutch government.

The deity worshipped in this Malaysian temple in Vinayagar or Lord Ganesha (elephant deity of the Hindus). The backroom of the temple has the sculpture of Lord Ganesha. According to Hindu mythology, Ganesha had the head of an elephant; the remaining body resembles that of a normal human being, but possesses 4 hands instead of 2. The sculpture in this temple is made by following this legend of Hinduism. The temple also houses another altar; this one is dedicated to Lord Ganesha’s younger brother, Lord Muruga or Karthika.

Sri Poyatha Moorthi Temple

The Sri Poyatha Moorthi TempleChittys of Malacca observe a number of ceremonies and festivals all through the year. This includes famous events like Kani Pongal (a festival meant for maidens), Madhu Pongal and Thai Pongal (celebrated particularly by people rearing cows), Egadesi, Sivarathri, Amman Thiruviza, Panguni Utharam, Masimagam, Sithrai etc.

Two of the most famous festivals organized by the temple authority are Deepavali or the festival of lights and Rathams or a festival adorned by religious chariots. The temple has 3 Rathams or chariots; these Rathams are wooden structures boasting magnificent carvings of the Indian deities. According to the natives of this part of the world, these chariots are more than 200 years old. The temple ground is used as garage for these 3 Rathams. One of these chariots is meant for Lord Ganesha, one is dedicated to Lord Rama or Rama Swamy and the third one is for Lord Vishnu or Subramaniar Swamy.

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