Sri Lanka: The Paradise Island

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Sri Lanka is a mystic yet small island which has been given a lot of titles to its credit, such as the teardrop of India for its shape, Ceylon, the island of Dharma, Serendib, Pearl of the Orient and officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


It is situated in the Indian Ocean to the south of India. It is only 31 km away from the southern coast of India.

Sri Lanka

Greeting in Sri Lanka:

Ayubowan is the way of greeting anyone you meet in the paradise world of Sri Lanka. In Sinhalese it means “may you have a long life”. It is a traditional form of greeting in the country.

Like in the Japanese culture you bow down to greet one another in the Sri Lankan culture. One bows down their head gently and clasps the palms together in front of the chest in respect. It is a tradition in most of the parts of the country and wherever you go you will be greeted with a smile and an ayubowan.

Paradise of Landscapes:

Sri Lanka is renowned for its scenic diversity the world over. This pristine Island has beautiful sun bronzed clean beaches, lush green paddy fields, lively bustling with people are the villages of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka beaches

There are regions of deserts, ruined cities of the past and huge wildlife sanctuaries amidst tropical dense jungles. Big tea plantations along the country side, there are mighty hills full of these tea plantations. And all these magnificent yet humble sights are within hours of each other.

Diverse Cultures:

The Sri Lankan culture is just as diverse as its landscapes. Over the many centuries the island has been witness to many cultural influences from the Portuguese, Dutch to the South Indian culture. Moorish culture to the culture of the western colonizers the country has seen it all. Hence there is a rich tradition and culture to be found in the regions of this island nation.

SinhaleseThe Land of the many religions and faiths:

There is diversity in the races and faiths followed by the people of Sri Lanka as well. The majority is of the Sinhalese who practice the principles of Buddhism. There are minorities of Tamils, the Hindus who are largest. There are minorities of the Moor who devoted to Islam. Then there are the descendants of the Dutch and the Portuguese who are the Burghers. They follow the religion of Christianity.

Sightseeing the scenic beauty of the island nation:

Palk Strait and Adam Island:

The shape of the country is like a big teardrop falling from the subcontinent of India. The Palk Strait is the 50km wide channel that separates the nations of India and Sri Lanka. The two countries are almost joined by land through the stepping stone coral islets of the Adam’s Bridge. These islets form a land bridge between the nations.

Palk Strait

Hills, plains and rainforests:

Rugged beautiful hills dominate the country side in the south of the island nation of Sri Lanka. The northern section of the island is a large plain which starts from the hilly country side to the peninsula of Jaffna.

The best beaches as described in the next part of the article in our Sri Lanka series are located in the south of the island.Mahaweli is the scenic long river and the highest mountain is Mt. Pidurutalagala.

Silkwood, orchids and Ebony forests are found in the south west. Rhododendrons, grasslands, highlands are present in the north. The fauna includes turtles to monkeys and leopards. Migratory birds like flamingoes make the island their home. Best time to see them is in between January and April.

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