Splendour Beyond The Great Wall Of China – Part IV

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huangshanChina is blessed with bountiful serenading sceneries ranging from majestic mountains, rivers, lakes and mystic grottos.

The world famed Yellow Mountain rises straight amongst the mountain peaks in the south Anhui Province offering picturesque locales like pine woodlands, bizarre rocks, Cloud Sea and therapeutic hot water springs.

The 154 square meters spanning Yellow Mountain also called Mt. Huangshan comprises of seventy-two multi-dimensional mountain peaks with the three key ones being the Lotus Peak, the Tiandu Peak and the Bright Summit Peak all of which are situated at 1800meters above the sea level.

A one clambers up, one is faced with a plethora of jaw-dropping sights like the Ciguaung Pavillion nuzzled amidst dense forestation and lofty bamboo plantations and the nerve-soothing ambience of the Banshan Temple flanked by the Laoren and Zhusha Peaks.

To be able to reach the summit of the Tiandu Peak, a tricky crossover of the lengthy ‘heaven Ladder’ is requisite to finallYellow Mountainy mount the Tiandu Peak, clutching the cable line to dear life due to the infinite cavernous valley beneath.

The most treacherous amongst the three peaks, the 1,810 meters high Tiandu Peak at the acme of which are stone engravings, reaching which one can get pleasant sights of the infinite skies and the stately mountain.

Another incredible locale with its unusual stone formations, mountain peaks and the Cloud Sea is the Wenshu Yard that is ideally ascended from the road on the mountain base. An old fable states that a visit to Yellow Mountain is incomplete without a trip to the Wenshu Yard.

Tiandu PeakOne has to be extremely vigilant while undertaking the journey along the mountain path towards the Yuping Building where there are meters of precipitous rocky slopes. Prior to reaching the Yuping Mountain one has to pass through the lengthy constricted lane located between the two peaks through which only a single individual can manage to pass through at any given time. While passing through it, as one gazes up, only a single line of the blue sky is visible and hence it was called the ’One Line Sky’.

On passing the One Line Sky, one comes across the varying sized three smallish stone peaks with strange pine growths growing out of them, rightfully earning the name ’three islands in Penglai’.

The unusual pine growths, the breathtaking innate stones resembling animal and humans, the jadeite valley with its exemplary flora and the color speckled pond are a worth visit. Viewing the sun-rise from the Yellow Mountain is an experience of a lifetime.

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  1. Visiting the Yellow Mountains was one the highlights of my trip to China. Words can’t discribe how beautiful these mountains are, you really have to see them in person. As tiring as the hike can get, the effort was well worth it.
    Here is picture one view to share: http://www.raysadventures.com/china/photos/page1/ChinaTrippage1/YellowMtns8-China.html

  2. melissa says:

    i need the animal life in mount yellow

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