Spending Fun Time with Family at the Ontario Place, Toronto

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Ontario Place is one of the most entertaining waterfront theme park located at Toronto, Ontario. In this article we’ll be discussing about the most popular fun options available for families to enjoy at this Ontario based theme park.

Ontario Place Toronto Ontario Place Toronto

Wacky Worm:

This ride is basically a roller coaster offering several exciting dips, twists and turns. This can be enjoyed by every member of your family including the little ones. The maximum height touch by the Wacky Worm is 107 cm or 42 inches.

Wacky Worm Wacky Worm Wacky Worm

Mega Bounce:

If you want to know how it feels to jump 24 ft up in the air, take a ride of the Mega Bounce. It will allow you to roll around and jump high without any being afraid of falling. This ride runs on a system containing a number of bungees, harnesses and pulleys, which will allow you to jump at a height much beyond your normal ability. Mega Bounce comes without any height restriction; however, to enjoy this ride, you must have a body weight between 20 and 180 pounds or 9 and 82 Kg.


The arcade at the Ontario Place has more than 40 interactive ticket redemption and arcade games. There are a number of racing games, skee-ball games and basketball games. Each of the games played in the arcade section of the theme park is token-operated.

Mini Greens:

The Mini Greens has two 9-hole golf courses amidst the magnificent landscape of the Ontario Place. Both these courses open at 10 am every morning; you will be able to know the closing time only after arriving at the Ontario Place.

Mini Greens

Atom Blaster:

If you want to keep your kids busy as you travel around the Ontario Place, you must take them to the Atom Blaster. This one is an absolutely free ride. Different activities using the soft and multi-colored foam balls will excite every child and sometimes even the grownups.

Atom Blaster Atom Blaster Atom Blaster

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