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South beach can be one of hottest places in the world and we are not necessarily referring to the temperature. It has on offer something for everyone. One can spend some quiet, calm and relaxing time basking under the sun in the tranquil beach. You can people watch in a Rio like setting where people are fit and trim and wear enough to cover as less as possible.

South Beach Miami

Out of the world experience:

At Miami in the US, South beach can also offer a great romantic bread and breakfast getaway where you can sip a tall glass of your favorite drink by the quiet pool in the daytime. Some out of the world shopping experience or a pampering session at a top notch spa facility can be great here.

The signature dishes and extensive menus of exquisite restaurants with great ambiance and beautiful settings can make dinner a royal affair. A moonlit romantic stroll on the beach or sitting at one of the side walk cafes can be liberating. A romantic retreat at one of the many luxury boutique hotels where extreme measures are common to ensure guests every wish comes true.

South Beach Miami restaurants

South beach is surpassed by none in terms of night life. The south beach club scene in one word is HOT! The night club experience her can be electrifying, exhausting and energizing like none other.

On the beach:

South beach is the area which includes Public beach and Lummus Park and stretches all the way to the Collins Park. The beach people can be locals and the guests from the hotels nearby. It is a very beautiful beach which is at a walking distance from many shops and restaurants.

Lummus Park

It is a family oriented beach but some topless bathers can be sighted. Plenty of cabanas are here for renting. Parking can be a challenging here at the beach during the peak seasons. It is a wide beach which has a 1.6 mile long path for walking, biking and rollerblading.

The 12th Street beach is a predominantly lesbian and gay beach. It is not a large beach but is well attended. The beach is well marked and to reach it one needs to watch out for the rainbow flags.

Another stunning beach is Haulover beach which is a two mile stretch. And half mile of this beach has clothing optional status. The area is also well marked to keep the clothed individuals at bay. The dress code at large is relaxed so be prepared. Ample parking space is available at the beach. The beach has no commercial structures and has a setting more like a park. One can reach this beach by heading north through Miami Beach. Cross the Haulover inlet and then look to the right side and check where the start of the beach is situated.

Haulover beach

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  1. Brandon says:

    South Beach has an active club and bar scene. It is host to more than 150 clubs and other venues, most of which close at 5 am. South Beach can be expensive, and access to nightclubs is often difficult for non-locals who do not have connections, or do not plan their evenings. Access to more popular nightspots can cost $20–60 depending on event and venue and sometimes comes with a wait of several hours, in addition to evaluation by door staff.

  2. Edward says:

    Nightlife in South Beach is dynamic and ever-changing, although The Clevelander and Mac’s Club Deuce have remained steadfast tourist destinations on Ocean Drive for well over a decade. The average club is only open for about a season or less. Recently, the local government has been taking steps to prevent these short-lived venues from establishing themselves at all.

  3. Freud Rubble says:

    Hey Brandon! Hope you’re doing good! I am glad you recommended me this site. South Beach’s 1.6 mile stretch is enchanting. You can try walking all by yourself putting some nice music on your ipod or a friend to walk along with, or take your bike and go for a ride.

    Thanks for sharing the information!
    Cheers :-)

  4. Sally Smith says:

    Edward, indeed no nightlife better than in South Beach! I miss South Beach, had a great time with family and friends a month ago.

    Your article reminded me of all the great places nearby I’ve been to..Thanks so much for sharing !

    Cheers! :-)
    Keep posting!

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