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Siang Valley Treks forms a major part of adventure tours to Arunachal Pradesh. Trekkers love to take the Tsangpo River route. This river is known as Siang in the region of Pashighat in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. then the River Siang joins the River Brahmaputra in Assam.

The Siang Valley trek is very exciting and adventurous as it spans over most of the thrilling Arunachal locales like Adi tribal zone and the related other interesting regions here. This trek normally starts from Delhi or Kolkata and then proceeds to Dibrugarh, then Yembung and Sessen, then Ponging crossing Maryian, then Milang, Peaka, Modi, Adi Pasi and finally Pashighat.

Siang Valley Treks

The Tsang Po and Siang

The river Yarlung Tsang Po has its source at the top of the Mount Kailash and flows down around 1000 miles till it reaches the plateau of Tibet. After this it flows through the Namcha Barwa and Gyala Peri and  reaches the Tsangpo gorge. Here it tumbles into the jungle regions of the intriguing Adi tribal region in Arunachal Pradesh and reaches this state in the northeastern part of India. Here the Tsang Po becomes the Siang River.

Siang River

The Siang region

The Siang gorge is one of the least explored gorges on earth. Here is where you would more than 100,000 Adi tribes inhabiting this green zone which would today be the largest rainforest zone in India.

With its capacity of being approached only by boat and with its innumerable sandy beaches, the wildlife here and the lovely sights of the water bodies only makes a trek here very interesting. So it is imperative to explore this lovely region of absolutely mesmerizing wildlife, beautiful rainforests and the most virgin ambience.

The trek

The Siang Valley trek normally begins at Dibrugarh where you would be received. Then you can proceed to a place called Yembung the following day. Here you take a ferry ride to Sessen. This seven hour ferry ride would fatigue you, so camp at Sessen overnight.

The next morning you can go to Ponging which is another lovely region filled with greenery. Ponging is around 15 km from Sessen.

The next day you can take a jeep and drive down to Maryiang . This is a 30 km drive approximately. Here again you would be struck by the magnificence of the surroundings and the lovely green canopy that you would see. Camp here at night and the next day you can proceed to Milang. Here you can enjoy the jeep safari which is very popular. This region of Peaka Modi where you would go on the jeep safari is a place laden with visual delights and travel kitty.

At Milang you can camp overnight and then the following day go to Maryiang again. Here at Maryiang again you would be taken on a jeep safari .This interesting jeep safari is something to be experienced to be believed. Here again there is an overnight camping.

Jeep safari
The next day you  reach Adi Pasi from Maryiang. There is a 20km jeep safari here which would only increase the thrill quotient here. The trek gets over at Pashighat  when  you  reach from Adi pasi.

After a 40 km jeep safari here you would be totally filled with the best adventure travel tales to relate and would be content as you go back to Dibrugarh.

Siang Valley trek in Arunachal Pradesh is set amidst the best surroundings and the most memorable travails.

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