Temple of the Town God (Chenghuang Miao) in Shanghai

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Shanghai is among the captivating tourist destinations of China. You will be enthralled by the diversity of Shanghai and also its various tourist attractions. It is a city that offers unique combination of the ancient Chinese tradition along with the tenets of a contemporary city. You will never see shortage of tourist attractions in Shanghai. Instead of that, you will be mesmerized from its beautiful sights that are historically as well as culturally among the best in Asia and also in the world.

Shanghai temple of town god
The city is considered as the historical as well as cultural landmarks that feature 112 cultural relics; 15 venues, which reflect the culture of Chinese; and the 22 memorial sites. Out of this, the Temple of the Town God that is the Chenghung Temple of the Town GodMiao in the city of Shanghai is among the countless religious sites that draws thousands of tourists from all over the world. Well, temples in China are very common, but this one is unique. As per the ancient Chinese tradition, you will get each Temple of the Town God of each city in the country.

The Temple of the Town God in Shanghai is a very popular stop for the locals. This temple is flourishing with the statues of the local gods and also with the spirits, which bring the good fortune. It was originally built in the year 1403 under the reign of Ming Emperor Yongle. This temple was dedicated to the legendary Han general Huo Guang and also the guardian city god, whose name was Qin Yubo. Over the time, most of the area of the temple has become a marketplace. It was transformed into a marketplace during the time of Cultural Revolution Statue of General Huo Guangbetween the years 1966 to 1976. During this time, the temple was greatly destroyed.

Gradually, both the temple as well as the marketplace was restored during the early 1990s. Since the 15th century origins, the temple’s present version that is of the Chenghuang miao has been restored. However, even after this, the temple as retained its historic as well as authentic feel that lures the tourists to the fullest. Even today, you can see the statue of General Huo Guang that is placed in the front hall and also of Qin Yubo that is placed in the back hall, along with many other deities that represented the temple.

Residents frequently visit the temple and feels pride to have such a glorious and magnificent structure in their city. The Temple of the Town God is bordered by the reconstructed shops and also the restaurants of the traditional market. Besides this, the beautiful Yu Yuan that is known as the Garden of Content, which was created during the 16th century, also borders the temple. To reach to this site, you need to catch a metro at Nanjing Dong Lu. This lies at a distance of one mile away from the temple. The Temple of the Town God – Chenghuang Miao in Shanghai remains open from 8:30am to 4:30pm. To enter the temple, you need to pay ¥10 and explore the traditional site with the flavor of modern era.

Yu Yuan garden

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  1. vareeja says:

    Regardless of size, many walled cities in ancient China contained a temple dedicated to one or more immortal or god as the spirit(s) or protector(s) of the city.

    The City God Temple in Shanghai originated as the Jinshan God Temple, dedicated to the spirit of Jinshan, or “Gold Mountain”, an island off the coast of Shanghai. It was converted into a City God Temple in 1403, during the Yongle era of the Ming dynasty.

  2. Josephine says:

    During cultural revolution, the sculpture of Goddess had been destroyed and the area of temple was used for other purpose. But due to the passion of local Shanghai people, the development again began in 1994..

    Though the size of the temple has been considerably reduced when compared to its glorious period, it stll stands as one of the must visit destination for tourists in Shanghai.

  3. Samantha Straw says:

    Temple fairs were a grand affair held in the Taoist temple on special festivals, in the ancient days..

    Slowly , the permanent temple market was formed, encompassing the Yuyuan Garden and the Zigzag Bridge.

    The local flavor about this busy market area is really authentic, where the locals still preserve their unique life styles and customs!

  4. Jackie says:

    I ‘d like to add that, in the old days, people imagined that the city was protected by a god known as Chenghuang (town god).

    People could live peacefully, under his protection.

    It was believed that Chenghuang was given a boon by God of the universe to ward off evils in towns and cities and make citizens live a prosperous and happy life.

    He was even capable of granting what people prayed for.

    He gave sunshine when there was too much rain and gave rain when it was too dry .

    He brought big crop harvests for farmers and flourishing business for traders.

    The first known Chenghuan Temple was built very early according to historical records!

  5. Christine says:

    I just visited Shanghai and i think from architectural point of view it is a perfect blend of the old and modern constructions… the age old trademark design of multi-inclined coloms resting on the wooden pillars to the yuvayan skyline and buildings at Pudong are all master pieces in its own way..
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Paris =-.

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