Abu Nuhas ship graveyard: Heaven of diving

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The pain of the past sailors has become the delight of the today’s divers. For the wreck safari fans, this is something worth to understand and that such a fact is well experienced at the diving paradise in the Red Sea called the Sha’ab Abu Nuhas that literally means the father of bad luck reef. Also nicknamed as the Ship’s Graveyard, the reefs here have been proven fateful for the aquatic vessels that used to pass from here in the olden days. In fact, in the region of the Red Sea, this point has a record of highest ship sinks. While the past was so horrible, the present is that much pleasant!

Nestled close to the shipping lanes on the way to the Suez Canal, this diving site is known for its four typical wrecks that are just suitable for amusing diving. It is said that still many wrecks are to be discovered here, which will add to the future entertainment. The currently found wrecks are striking as well as extraordinary for any keen diver who is ever ready to discover the wonderful world of corals and aquatic flora and fauna with both the natural and artificial eyes (camera).

The Carnatic

This dive site is named behind the ship of the same name, which now resides at the bottom. This 90 m ship that used to run with the support of a steam engine now appears like an uninterrupted vessel adorned with the corals. As per the instructions given by the guide, only the experts are permitted to reach until the sea floor. So, the remaining ones can swim in the shallow zones only. The ship wreck is harmless if you want to do some swimming to have a clear vista of the wonderful corals and fishes thriving at the plethora of open spaces seen between the two iron planes. Check out for some cracked wine bottles while diving. The presence of these indicate that the ship when drowned here was holding wine and beer along with the other items like gold, mail, and passengers while traveling from England to reach Mumbai and Calcutta in India.

The Carnatic

The Chrisoula K or the Marcus

This 98-m cargo-carrying ship used to run on diesel and was on its way from Italy to Saudi port of Jeddah when it got clashed in 1981 with the reef calling for massive destruction. As per today, the ship’s principal body is upright, while its starboard area boasts a propeller as well as a wheel. As a diver, you are permitted to take a tour of its several internal regions like the cargo of tiles and the engine room at their original place. The water here is such that it offers a clear visibility to see the full ship from outside in just one look. Probably, this is the most outstanding vista at Abu Nuhas. Further, because of the enormous coral growth, the zone is suitable for photography too.

The Chrisoula K or the Marcus

The Giannis D

This 99-m cargo vessel met its fate when it was on its final voyage in 1983 from Croatia to Saudi Arabia. Possibly, this unfortunate event took place because of the reef invisibility. Well today, this is the diving point meant for those who do not know as to how to dive. Due to the storms, the ship is split into many parts, especially into three – the bow, stern, and the remnants of the amidships. If you take up a guided tour, you will be able to explore its stern and will be able to swim around to know the most of it. So, as you swim, spot the known A-frame deck Gantry crane under the surface, the appealing zone in the stern with a preserved engine room, and some wood cargo making it called as the timber wreck.

The Giannis D

The Kimon M (The Lentil Boat)

This 121-m ship in 978, the carrier of lentils to Mumbai, clashed itself unluckily with the reef here. Obviously, now a days, it resides at the reef’s bottom. The starboard direction still holds a propeller and rudder and is the most profound part at this point. Sadly, you will not be allowed to go inside the ship for your own protection as the insecure metal sheets can collapse anytime. So, you can just swim around and finish the diving in some time. Due to these reasons, the site is open for diving only for the professionals, not novices. Perhaps, it is the least dived point in Abu Nuhas. You now know why!

The Kimon M

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