Schonbrunn Palace in Amazing Austria

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Visit Austria and bask in the pleasures of a great travel destination in this part of Europe. This continent provides its own ways of enjoying tours here in this part of the world and provides the tourist with a lot of things to take back.

Visit the Empress Sisi’s former summer resort Schonbrunn palace which is a lovely baroque construction filled with the sights of an enchanting destination and a fascinating paradise. Spend a whole day here and enjoy the tours around Schonbrunn. Come here and enjoy seeing the show rooms with a “Grand tour with Audio Guide. Take a stroll around labyrinth and enjoy the simple delights of a great travel land.

Earlier the summer residence of the Imperial family this is one of the best ways tourists get impressed in tours to this part of Europe. Baroque architecture could never have been better than in such enthralling destinations. The land has been possessed by the Habsburgs since the year 1569. This was the time Emperor Ferdinand II’s wife had a summer resort built here in the year 1642, this she name as Schonbrunn. The garden complex and the palace were constructed here in the year 1696. This happened after the Turks occupied this place and then redesigned the entire place. The Habsburgs lived here in the many chambers that were present here in addition to the other state rooms.

Schonbrunn Palace in Amazing Austria

Today this palace has been recognized as a UNESCO’s world heritage site and owes a lot of its historic importance to the lovely structures and beautiful monuments. With the best kind of furnishings here the rooms are a fascination for all. Done up in Rococo style the ceilings and the walls are completely covered with a lot of white lacquered surfaces with a lot of ornamentation that is laced with a gold leaf.

With white porcelain tile stoves and crystal chandeliers forming a part of the beautiful designs here the offices and the living quarters were used by Francis Joseph who was the Emperor then. They are very elegant, graceful and simple for the tourist’s eye.

The Hall of Mirrors and the Round Chinese Room are all important rooms as there have been many important historical events that have taken place here. it is said that Maria Theresa held secret conferences here along with her Chancellor Prince kaunitz . It is also said that Napolean met his generals in the Vieux Laque Room. Then you have the Blue Chinese Salon where Emperor Charles I signed his crown abdication. This happened sometime in the year 1918. This thus ended the Habsburg rule here in the palace. Thus monarchy died a death here in that year.

Schonbrunn Palace Interior

There is the Room of the Millions which is paneled with rosewood and is decorated from ceiling to floor with a lot of miniatures from Persia and India. It is said that the Congress of Vienna danced in this Grand Gallery sometime in the year 1814 to 1815. Today this palace is for the Austrian Government to hold welcomes and receptions when very important state heads visit the country officially.

An earlier imperial summer residence the Schonbrunn Palace has around 1441 rooms and is found in Vienna in Austria. It is one of the best cultural monuments of this era and has been a major tourist attraction in this part of Europe. The gardens and the palace show the interests, the tastes and the ambitions of the monarchs of Habsburg.

Schonbrunn Palace Gardens

There is a lovely sculpted garde here which is found between the Sun Fountain and the palace and this is a visual treat for the visitors. Also known as the Great Parterre this is a lovely French Garden and it was Jean Trehet who planned this in the year 1695. it is a lovely area and is a literal maze.

There is a Tiergarten an orangerie which was constructed sometime in the year 1755 and is a lovely attraction in tours of the palace. Then you have a palm house, and also a lovely botanical garden, an orangutan enclosure and some of the best sculptures which provide lot of interests to visitors coming to this part of the world. There are around 32 sculptures that line the Great Parterre which actually are representative of the virtues and deities.


Glorieete is another garden axis that points towards a magnificent hill which is around 60 metres high. It has been existing since the year 1775.

Thus tours to Europe can be really amazing with sights like the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna in Austria.

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