The flowering valley of Sangla

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Untouched by mankind and lying in the lap of nature is a destination few know of and none that have visited it forget. The name is Sangla; the flowering valley of Sangla. Remember it well, for the next time your friends ask you to propose an esoteric and exotic destination you can impress them (and the ladies) with your enormous knowledge of offbeat locations. What’s more, they’ll be even more impressed once they end up visiting the flowering valley of Sangla itself. Mind you, it’s not exactly a hop, skip and jump away. Hidden away in the Himalayas at a height of some 8900 feet above sea level, this little pearl is approximately some 600 kilometres from Delhi.

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Also known as Baspa Valley by those not fond of long-winding names given that it lies on the banks of the Baspa river, Sangla is famous for its floral life. And as with all things floral, it bursts into life at the advent of every spring season with colorful flowers of Peaches and Apples blossoming. It is only during the months of March and April that the Sangla region is sheathed in white and pink flowers, creating a blanket that stretches as far as the eye can see. The Sangla Valley in itself is home to numerous orchards, including but not limited to Apricot, Pears, Walnuts and Almonds, plus the aforementioned Apples and Peaches.

It is in its own way the holy grail for nature lovers. Boasting several adventurous lined by one magnificent sight after another, trekking through this valley is its own reward. In addition to the short nature trails and trekking, it also has such adventure activities as para-gliding activities on its roster and if you’re not the sporty type, all hope is not lost. You can still take part in sightseeing tours of the nearby temples and villages, including one that is located just across the Bapsa river. The inhabitants of this tiny village are still steeped in the culture of the Kinnaur region and the tiny village sells hand-woven articles of clothing that make for excellent souvenirs and gifts. Talk about a win-win situation.

Secluded and nestled in the mountains, this little gem of a destination serves as the perfect getaway for anyone stricken by wanderlust. It’s like a little Shangri-la, perhaps even an innocent Kashmir before it was bathed in blood and lost to the sands of time and the staccato of AK-47’s. Unhurried and relaxed, the Sangla valley is perfectly located in that it is too far away for anyone looking for a quick fix to get to and yet if you’re willing to put in a few more hours worth of travel it makes every second of the distance run well worth it. The lingering memory of the valley remains the Baspa gurgling through the valley before vanishing away into the Sutlej, and I hope that the valley itself never loses its identity like that, for it is one of the last bastions of verdant beauty for the more discerning traveler.

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