Salzburg … The Beauty Of Austria

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Salzburg which was once ruled by the Archbishop is a jewel in the map of Austria. It is regarded as one of the cultural capitals of the world. The city features small alleyways, quaint colorful houses, palaces and castles. This city has a unique baroque feel to it and a storybook atmosphere. It entertains the tourist with its excellent collection of ancient buildings various magnificent gardens, churches and monasteries and other modern resources of enjoyment. It is the birthplace of world-famous musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and hence it is sometimes acknowledged as the City of Music.

Hohensalzburg Fort

Built in 1077 Hohensalzburg Fortress, also known as Salzburg Fort is one of the largest fortresses in central Europe. This fort served as the residence of many prince archbishops. The most wonderful thing about this fort lies in the fact that it has never been conquered by any enemy troop. The main attractions of this fort are the Golden Hall and the Golden Chamber which are poised with ornamental paintings and complicated Gothic wood-carvings.


Mozart Square

The residence of the Mozart family has been converted into a museum which displays items used by Mozart during his childhood days, such as, his violin, clavichord, and pianoforte. The best aspect of this place is that it has been able to retain the same charm and flavor for centuries.

St Peters burial grounds

This burial ground is one of the oldest as well as the most interesting cemeteries in the world as it serves as the resting place for many renowned personalities, such as artists, scholars, and merchants.

Untersberg Mountains

A cable car ride to this Untersberg Mountains allows you to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Rositten Valley as well as the surrounding mountains.

Museums in Salzburg

The museum of modern art which is located within a 17th century building host arts works of renowned artists as Klimt and Kokoschka. You can also visit the museum of natural history which exhibits  different types of natural history collection and aquarium and reptile collections, the cathedral museum is known for precious jewel studded monstrance and Art and Rarities Collection. There are a galore of options of different museums available in Salzburg.


The most popular churches of Salzburg are OpeninKollegienkirche or Collegiate Church, designed by great baroque architect, Fischer von Erlach


Salzburg city is known for its annual and cultural festivals and offers variety of operas, concerts and theatres, from classical to contemporary styles

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe Along with the tourist Salzburg attracts a large number of students in the field of academics, theatre and music who are enrolling in the various universities. The Salzburg tourism is thriving day by day.

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