Saint Etienne Creative Pleasures

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Saint Etienne is a city located in the central eastern part of France and is around 60 km to the southwest of Lyon. Situated in the Rhone Alpes region, this is the capital of the Loire Department. Located in the Massif Central this is a beautiful city and is filled with the best of creative effects.

Saint Etienne is on the banks of the River Furens at the base of the Pilat Massif. This is around 59 km to the southwest of Lyon and around 53 km from Vienne. There is a legend that states that in the times of the Roman era, there was a settlement called Furanum which comes from the River Furan. Then the place was given a new name and it was then called Furania which is a name that remained till the Middle Ages.

Saint Etienne Creative Pleasures

Existing since the year 1258, the town was then called Sancti STephani de Furano after the saint here. It is called Saint Etienne in French. Then the tow was very well known for the arms industry and was called Armeville or Commune d’Armes which means Arms Town during the time of the French Revolution.

One can reach Saint Etienne by air with the airport located at L’Aeroport International de Saint Etienne. You also have the L’Aeroport International de Lyon. By train the place is approachable by the Chateaucreux, la Terasse, Carnot, Bellevue stations. Saint Etienne is also connected by the TGV to Paris city in two hours. The place can also be accessed by road, tram, bus and trolley.

L'Aeroport de Lyon

STAS is a network here that operates a public transport network in and around Saint Etienne. Also called Societe de Transports de L’Agglomeration Stephanoise it operates the public network of transport in the city. It takes people around the fifteen communes of the Saint Etienne group.

The STATS also operates a bike sharing system called Velivert Smartcard.

Come to this creative city and get to see the best of museums and other collective art here. See the museums and galleries here and enjoy the sights of this city of creative design. See the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum Art & industry . Also see the Museum the Mine, and also the Museum of old Saint Etienne. Then you have the Les Ateliers et le Conservatoire des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. See the Museum Urban Transport by St. Etienne and country. Then there is the Museum Urban Transport which is run by St. Etienne and country. You also have the Planetarium of St. Etienne and also the Memorial de la Resistance et la Deportation.

Saint Etienne Museums

Saint Etienne is a city that is filled with charming locales and a history of entrepreneurship and also industry. The industries here have helped make this city what it is today. St. Etienne is also the place where the sewing machine took birth in the year 1830. This is also the place where the first French railway began and this commenced in the year 1827.  In Old Saint Etienne the Museum of Coal Mining and the Museum of Old Saint Etienne are very much an attraction here in this part of the world. The visitor can delve into the past of this creative city.

Tourists like to walk up to the Guizay Hill which gives the best views of the entire city and also is popular for recreational activities. St. Etienne has many cafes and boutiques and the many open markets that form the main tourists attractions here. These open markets are found in Place de People which has been the business and social centre in St. Etienne since the 15thcenttury. The weekly market is a major feature in the Sunday market.

St. Etienne

Then see the many other places like Astronaut which si the state of the art planetarium in St. Etienne. There is a unique space simulator here. The way to explore the city is by going on foot with the free guided tours that are available here. The best time to visit St. Etienne is in the month of October when the city has the Rhino Jazz festival.

Saint Etienne is also famous for the football team and is today famous for having got the coveted City of Art and Design Award.

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