Rudesheim: The Queen of the Rhine

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River valleys have an ethereal fascination. This multiplies immensely when the winding and meandering river is decked on both sides with hills adorned with ancient castles, vineyards and forests. One such abode of pristine beauty and enigmatic charm is the Rhine Valley in Germany. The valley extends from Osterreich to St.Goarshausen with excellent resorts and plush properties. Located in between at Rudesheim, Assmannshausen  and Loreley, of these Rudesheim nested at the bent in the Rhine with rolling hills embellished with the choicest vines reaching up to the top of neighboring mountains is distinguished by historical memorial and statue to Prince Bismark perched on top of the hill.

The location of Rudesheim

Just an hour away from the busy Frankfurt Airport makes it an easy stop over in between flights and is an excellent relaxation to the body and the spirit with some of the best wineries in all of Germany. This scenic getaway destination is a favorite with kids of all ages as everyone has something to do and see in this area of verdant beauty and salubrious climate. The destination is ever pleasant for the traveler coming down to drench in the beauty of this ethereal spot, and cannot but find himself in a peculiar country feel which cannot be experienced anywhere but here.

Rudesheim Germany

The town is very old and so are its streets, churches, wineries and holiday spots. The main entertainment center is located in Glockengasay, which is a very narrow, meandering street with ancient taverns and wineries located on both sides. The street is full of tipsy travelers in the evening about whom a common legend is that the narrow has been designed to make sure that the inebriated town folk or visitor does not tipple over as the narrow street will hold and support him.

Apart from large dining and entertainment ships and many celebrated cruise liners of capacity more than ten thousand passengers which navigate on the Rhine river, the small town is packed with local and international tourists who throng the winding lanes, enjoy panoramic views from the cable cars and fulfill a social commitment by the much revered local festivities of wine-tasting, not in small cups but in large swigs to be able to correctly appreciate the skill and art of the dexterous wine-makers.

Rhine river cruise

The town abounds with many attractions. Special mention is the Seigfried Museum of self playing musical instruments, a collection from late ninety and early twentieth centuries, it is amazing how true the notes are and what skills have gone into making the small and big instruments, which vary from musical chairs (Sic) to large-sized pianos to giant organs and drums. A much attraction for not just the young ones, but the quirky museum has it all for each and everyone.

Seigfried Museum

Rudesheim is a delight for the gastronomy enthusiast. The excellent food along with quality cheeses and wines, to be rounded off with the famous Rudesheimer coffee make every meal a great delight and experience and a culinary trip, which one will not forget for a long long time! The gastronomic delights of Rudesheim should definitely be sampled to not miss on the many delightful savories on the platter, not to found anywhere else in the world.

The best time to visit Rudesheim and the Rhine Area is during the month of October when the nearby towns of Loreley is lit up by sparkling fireworks which go what looks like forever deep into the night.  This is the celebrated along with guy-folks festival which is accompanied with great music from the ships that throng the Rhine river. As the fireworks embellish the night-sky, another eventful day comes to an end at the wonderful place of Rudesheim.

Rhine river tours

Indeed a place unmarred and untouched by the other wise city intrusions, Rudusheim marks a place of its own that can be best experienced. The amazing bounty of natural beauty is sure to leave one mesmerized and tipping over what the place has to offer.

So, the next time you plan a vacation, you totally know where to be heading on to. Just sit back and relax and sink in the true-blue spirit of Rudesheim with its amazing Wineries, sloping hills and crystal like sheen rivers flowing and abounding the scenic splendors of this place of verdant beauty. A perfect country-side vacation, the place stands out clearly and vividly.

All in all, it is an experience not to be missed. The only drawback with this experience is that it is quite addictive and one wants to repeat it time after time and again and again.

Scenic Cities of Rudesheim

The city of Presberg:
This is the highest suburb of Rudesheim, which is located about twelve kilometers north-west from Rudesheim ascending four hundred and fifty meters above is the city of Presberg. A definite paradise for the nature enthusiasts, is nestled around sloping valleys, misty hills and an amazing spectacle into the mountain ranges of Hunsrueck and Taunus. The place is best for hikes and skis as there are cross country tracks which have been especially put out for skiing adventure.

City of Presberg

City of Aulhausen:
A perfect start post for many great hiking routes, one can go about exploring the scenic wonders from the Rhein Taunus Nature Park. Set away from Assmannshausen by only two kilometers, the city of Aulhausen is yet another town where Wineries dense the place amidst rolling hills and lush forests. The city is also close the monument of Niederwald which is a great place of attraction. There are an array of leisure activities ideal for those vacationing with family as one can explore the place on a saddle.

City of Assmannshausen

The village of the timeless Assmannshausen lays on the very picturesque portion of the Rhine valley. The meandering lanes and old style architecture marvels. The very enticing Rheinstein Castle, along with the very bright vineyards and the woody plains of the Taunus, all add to the beauty of the city of Assmannshausen.

There is also a holiday resort in the city, as it is very popular for wine-growing and excellent gourmet delights. Here, one can sample the most exotic red wines.

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  1. Jill says:

    My friend lives in Rudesheim and I’ve visited him a couple of times, every time I’ve been here I’ve been blown by its peace and tranquility I found the in the extensive forests of the nature park Rhein-Taunus, in the natural beauty of the vineyards, or in the hidden alleyways of the town we roamed about!
    Too good to be real!
    I just love this place :-)

  2. Walter says:

    Rudesheim woes me to no end with it splendidly mysterious alleys, the lovely wine and the historic places of significance..I come to this place again and again for mental peace, pumping of my lost energies , and for creativity and quietitude.

    Your post bought to me the lovely memories of the time I spent here in solace a few years ago!
    Thanks for this post!
    I am a fan of your blog!
    Cheers! :-)

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