Rio Azul – Lost Maya City – Part I

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Rio AzulThe magnificent ancient Maya City of Rio Azul located in north-east Guatemala spans a 750acres area with a long lost history that has been analysed and unearthed in 1962.

The realm of Maya spread across 1,00,000 sq.miles and raised many vast centers in present day Mexico, Guatemala ,Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The great Maya civilization to which Rio Azul belonged developed in the period between 250 B.C. to A.D. 250. Rio Azul, the administrative centre which at its peak in the eight century A.D. numbered close to 3,500 and another 1,500 in the north east suburb comprised mostly of noble military families along with their assistants, servers and retainers.

Maya CityThe classic Mayans maintained articulately controlled landscapes, cultivated fields and water filled canals. They would drain swamps for cultivating crops like beans, corn and probably cacao. The Dams –the largest in the Maya area preserved water for the arid season and several intentionally untouched wastelands that served as buffer zones between rival Maya states. Remnants of digging and cultivating tools dating from eight century have been unearthed.

Rio Azul had a concentration of 350 large buildings. Huge memorial temples standing at 155feet tall were connected by lined walkways to the plush residences of the elite. The 14 storied high pyramid temple that is seen from air amongst the treetops close to the Mexico-Guatemala-Belize border is the standing proof of the vast ruins of Rio Azul considered the highest in the Maya World.

ancienRio Azul appears to have been abandoned in 535 A.D. mostly due to the civil war period that erupted when older ruling families tried to come into power after Teotihuacans withdrew. The site interior is three square kilometres that has forty one squares, 752 constructions that include a ball court- a game indulged in during the Mayan era, 32 tombs and sixteen alters amongst others. The famed Mayan remnants were systematically and substantially robbed during 1979-1981.

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  1. vareeja says:

    Rio Azul itself is 3 square kilometres with 41 plazas, 752 structures, 21 sculptured stelas, 26 plain stelas, and 16 altars documented to date.
    The tallest temple is 47 mt high – a typical Preclassic Triadic Temple (three small structures on the top, the one in the center at the back and the others facing each other). Stela 1 mentions the alliance with Tikal, and Stela 2 records the visit of the King of La Milpa (now in Belize), the area was around 170 km² and was structured as a feudal state where nobility lived in farms around the city.
    Among other findings, there was found a chocolate pot with a screw for a lid. It is world-renowned for a sepulture with beautiful decoration (400AD).
    There are also murals with the cardinal points perfectly aligned and representing the Moon (north), the Sun (east), Venus (south), and the Darkness (west).

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