Remembering the Proclaimed Serenity of Haiti

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The last month’s natural calamity, earthquake, befallen on the Haiti is the most tragedy event in the history of Haiti. In past few years, when finally, Haiti was becoming visible to the world for its tropical lush vegetation and scenic views, the last month’s earthquake pushed it back in to the darkness from the sunlight of the Caribbean. The faith of new start for Haiti was, this time, buried behind the horror of the earthquake which resulted in more than ten thousand deaths and millions displacements.

Haiti Earthquake
Though continues suffering from human or natural calamities that Haitians over the years have tolerated, have still maintained their welcoming and proud spirit! We just hope that Haiti this spirit is sustained through their latest trials. And can finally rise from its turbid past and heartbreaking present.

Haiti Earthquake 2010
If you are only aware about the Haiti’s long history of civil wars and recent tragedy, then you do not know anything different about it like rest of the people. Haiti is the most beautiful island in Caribbean ocean and occupies a third of the Hispaniola Island which most of the tourist love to stay. It is a great place for tourists looking tropical forest and magnificent beaches.

Travel anywhere in Haiti, people is friendly and the places are also safe for the travelers. When you will reach there you will realize, that the place is not as dangerous as it is portrayed.  But cautious should be maintained.

Initially, Haiti was ruled under the governess of Spanish and French. You will see the glimpse of these it in, Haitians culture, building and language – Creole. And it is from here that Atlanta got its Creole influence.

Port-au-Prince is the capital city of Haiti and also badly affected by the earthquake. But still many cruise ships stop at the dockyard of this capital and enjoy the beaches nearby.

It is surely bigger island than you think! The beaches are unspoiled and have option to stay as resorts and lodges nearby the beach. Even if Haiti does not have any luxurious accommodations, it is the most beautiful island you ever will be.

Beaches in Haiti
To the northern side of Haiti is the northern coast from where everything begins. It all happened here, from Columbus’ first landfall on Hispaniola to the key events of the Haitian slave revolution, and there are many monuments that have left to mark this path of history.

Just an hour distance is the richest in colonial ports and shuttered doors and balconies are the base of what you explore at the northern La Citadelle la Ferrièrecoast.

Cap-Haïtien is the second city of Haiti, which is away from hustle of Port-au-Prince. The city is perfect to wander around as it is quite, and is full of architectural structures. During the French colonization, it was the richest city in Caribbean and now is rich in French Architecture. The development in the city is in progress like the one facility of water has made and soon other small changes will be also seen. The other attraction in this place is the amazing La Citadelle la Ferrière and the beaches around Plage Labadie.

The only way to reach is through Port-au-Prince. There are two flights, which come here twice from the Port-au-Prince.

If head move to the southern coast of Haiti then you will be heading towards the Caribbean Sea and near the coast is the Jacmel town, which is a gem for most of the tourists. The place is very relaxing and many things to do here. It is an old coffee port and most of the tourists hit the handicraft shops for painted wood and papier-mâché, which are pretty famous around here. This place is also famous for masked carnival and the streets just get crowded by the people in beautiful and different type of masks.

Haiti carnival
The beaches at this coast are blessed by rich hotel as well as cheap cottages.

Haiti hotel
The airline Caribintair has flights only from Port-au-Prince. And airport at Jacmel is six kilometers east to town.

You can travel by road, as there are three ways where you can cross from Haiti into the Dominican Republic. One is, in the south near Malpasse/Jimaní, a road that links Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo. A second crossing point is near Ouanaminthe/Dajabón in the north; it is on a road that connects Cap-Haïtien and Santiago. The third is the border crossing at Belladère/Elías Piña. These crossings close at 6pm.

Haiti’s main hub is Aéroport International Toussaint Louverture in Port-au-Prince, though a few flights also connect Cap-Haïtien to Florida. There are stories about hassles and bribery at Port-au-Prince’s airport, which used to happen in past, although arrivals can sometimes be a little hectic.


Though I have mentioned the best places of the Haiti, the island has affected very badly such as parliament destroyed, the presidential palace destroyed, the main hospital, the UN headquarters, a major hotel, the prison, the Catholic cathedral – all have destroyed. The southern town of Jacmel – a truly lovely place with beautiful Victorian buildings and one of the best carnivals in the Caribbean – is also reportedly greatly damaged, and the road over the mountains connecting it to Port-au-Prince is closed due to landslides. The scale of the disaster is quite numbing.

So possible please helped out the people and save this beautiful country by these organization Partner in health, Lambi Fund and Yele – all are NGOs working for betterment of the people.

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    this only reminds me of the earthquake but still its a wonderful place to go to, especially the beaches..

    the earthquake will ofcourse remain a bad history for ever, but the awesome place will be beautiful as always..

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