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macauskyjumpIf you are looking for a break from the mundane activities and hum drum of usual vacationing and want to transition into an adventure-ridden, innate, pulsating, off-the-cuff holiday then check out these viable alternatives.

If you like being flung off a dais at heavy speeds from raging heights, suspended mid-air upside-down, then check out the bungee jumping options at its birth place, Coasta Rica where its old Colorado River Bridge at 80 meters high and Penas Blancas offer good options. Check out the ‘Parabungy’ option in Cairns where one can experience the ultimate Bungy jump with splendid views of the Great Barrier Reef, tropical haven and the beaches.

bloukrans river bridge bungee jumpingTry the feet at Taupo, New Zealand or the premier bungee bridge at 148 feet high and touch the waters at the Kawarau River. The Auckland Bridge Bungy or Rotorua Bungy proffers impeccable views with the optional water touch feature which is immensely popular.

The Bloukrans Bridge in Cape Town, South Africa, is the highest single span arched bridge from where one can nose dive at 709 feet high at 110 miles/hour. To further enhance the experience, one can take off in the cable slide and the fly fox ride. For novices, the 231 feet drop from the Gouritz Bridge is great for tandem leaping.

If one is bored stiff of leaping off extensions, cranes, hot air balloons then innovative bungy jumps at close to 100 km/hr atop a helicopter and free falling nearly 500 feet down in Biella, Italy is the ideal sport. One can even heli-bungee jump into the maw of an active volcano close to Pucon in Chile.

For a hair-raising experience, reverse bungee jump in the ‘Bungee Bullet’ from 164 feet high, situated on the picturesque Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. For unsurpassed bungee jumping experience, leap off the 134 meters high Nevis Highwire Bungy , New Zealand in 8.5 bone-chilling insane helicopter jumperseconds. The transparent dais for the leap is suspended with the help of high-tension wires over the Nevis River situated near Queenstown, New Zealand. The Harbour Bridge is another viable option in New Zealand.

Push the adventure level a notch up by plunging 111 metres from the Victoria falls Bridge into the magnificent scenery surrounding the Zambezi River which borders Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Plunge 486 feet off the Perrine Bridge – the sole man made bridge in Idaho, US into the Snake River below. Many vouch for the 18 second fall of nearly 762 feet from the Macau Tower that will leave you short of breath.

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