Must-see Places in Bangladesh

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This easily accessible country in South Asia is just waiting to be discovered for it has rich culture and beautiful scenic city and rural life.

The Mangroves of the Sundarban:

The Sundarbans are the epicenter of many folklore and mysteries. These marshy lands stretch over an area of 80km into the Bangladeshi rural regions starting from the coast. These forests of the Sunderbans are the largest forests of mangrove in the entire world.  One third of the sunderbans is covered in water.

Bangladesh Sundarbans

Where Tiger is King!

It is the home of the Royal Bengal tiger which rule these regions. People venturing into these jungles wear a human mask on the back of their heads as the tigers are said to attack from the back. There are an estimated 400 of these big cats in the mangroves of the sunderban.

Royal Bengal tiger

Surprisingly you won’t be able to spot any of these tigers and one should be grateful for that. There are thousands of deer of the spotted variety in the marshes of the sunderbans. Migratory birds can be spotted in the winter months. Crocodiles do roam the marshy grounds of the mangroves.

Travel in the Rocket:

Traveling to the mangroves of the sunderbans to or from Dhaka in the colonial paddle wheeler or the ‘Rocket’ can be very exciting and thrilling. It can take many days at a stretch to get deep into the mangroves.

Cox’s Bazar:

After the thrilling yet dangerous journey across the Sunderbans we shall settle for something refreshing and relaxing. There is none better location then the primary beach resort in Bangladesh.

Secluded pristine beaches:

Cox’s Bazar is situated near the Myanmar border. The beach resort has a Burmese Buddhist air about it. It has the amenities to attract visitors who are lured by the huge expanse of beaches while are devoid of any sharks. This is the place where over the centuries Rohingya refugees have found paradise to escape punishment in Myanmar.

Cox bazar

Maheskhali Island:

There are many isolated and secluded beaches to the south of Cox’s bazar. Here you can indulge in a private beach and swim experience. For a change you can wander the residential and tribal areas of this region which can be an interesting thing to do.  At a short distance is the Maheskhali Island which houses a beautiful ancient Hindu temple.

During the month of February to celebrate the festival of Siva Ratri there is a huge gathering of worshippers. The beaches apart there is a lot of things to do here. In the tribal area of Cox’s Bazar you can find Buddhist shrines. Here you can also purchase from the tribal weavers beautiful handloom clothing. In this region you also watch the sea salt production which takes place at various places. Shrimp farming is another such thing to observe here in Cox’s Bazar.

Shrimp farming

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