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Visit South America and enjoy the adventurous thrill that is a part of tours here. The experiences here are so exciting that one goes back with a memorable travel kitty. Come to Cuyo the land of heavenly experiences and lovely luxuries and see how you can actually let your hair down and enjoy here. The pristine ambience of this wine producing region totally enthralls the visitor and makes it a great travel delight in this part of the world.

With the sight of the most majestic mountains this is one place where you can be sure to come back with a lot more than you expected. Earlier a part of the San Juan provinces it also included San Luis and Mendoza. Cuyo is inclusive or La Rioja province and Cuyo. This new Cuyo city is today a political and economic region and a part of the northwestern part of this magnificent land of Cuyo.

With a lot of Cuyo attractions, which are part of the highest ranges of the Andes and the mighty Aconcagua, this is certainly a greatly attractive here. Visit the Ischigualasto Provincial Park which is another fascinating land here in travels to South America.

Cuyo attractions

Predominantly made up of red soil, the grace of the rivers crossing this region is eye catching. These rivers that cross the region here are totally snow fed and so the volume of water here consistently increases during the spring season. The Desaguadero River is the main place of collection. This is a river that has waters from other rivers like Vinchina, Bermejo, Salado which together reach the River Colorado.

Cuyo is a main area of viticulture. Wine is produced here to a great extent and more than 80% of the national production is made up of wine. Olives and potatoes are also cultivated here largely and some of the most delicious fruits are also prepared here. Cuyo is also a great destination for the most magnificent houses and churches which seem to be found all over the region. This is a very interesting place for those who wish to see something different. The simple sight of the Universidad  Nacional de Cuyo is found here. Found in 1939, this has a campus in Mendoza and has innumerable faculties.

With the San Juan region providing a great verdant expanse, the Ischigualasto is a major part of the region here and is adjacent to the border with Chile and lies in another green paradise here. This is the Talampaya National Park in La Rioja. In fact a part of the Pampa Hills provides some of the most fascinating scenery and is also famous for its past history.

Talampaya national park in la rioja

This park in the province of San Juan is also popular for the most magnificent geological formations. Today one can see the Valle de Luna which has been caused due to these geological structures and thus provides the visitors with a great green stretch.

Tourists normally come here to do something different. So the sight of dinosaurs enthusiasts and paleontologists is very common here and the added delight of seeing the bones of the dinosaurs is something that makes travel here greatly pleasurable. These dinosaurs have existed here since the Triassic period and they have provided a great study of mammals that have been living here since ages.

This World Heritage Site is a great site with the best sights of the rock formations. The Talampaya National Park has a magnificent gorge which has the most fascinating rock formations. Tourists here love to see the manner in which the rocks go up to a height of around 262 feet wide and more than 469 feet high.

Heritage site

The awe striking flora and fauna here make up the main sights of the place. There is something really special and nice about the rich biodiversity of the region thus making it a nature lover’s dream come true. Visit the Cuyo region in South America and come back with a fascinating tour experience.

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