Places to See in Australia

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Visit Australia and enjoy the pleasures of being in a destination filled with the best of travel delights and tour pleasures. There are many places to visit and innumerable locales to explore in this part of the world.

Visit the Protesters Falls here and enjoy the lovely humid rainforest of the Nightcap National Park which is a great landmark for the locals here. Named after the people who guard the borders against bulldozers this is a place where you can have the most fascinating ambience of a natural surrounding. It has a lot of wildlife including the native frogs, rare butterflies and the carpet python. Camping is allowed only for a night and dogs are not permitted in this park. There are many water holes here for your pleasures and the cool mountain water gives you pleasures that you can never imagine of.

Places to See in Australia

Then you have the Sharks Bay in Vanuatu which is another lovely land filled with the best sights of cliffs that protect the bay and expose you to the beauty of the blue water and the magnificent sharks here. There are occasional sights of sea turtles and this is one land that should not be missed in travels to Australia. Also there is the black sand beach here at Sharks Bay which is a very difficult place to go. One goes to the not then tip and then climbs down a ladder. There is a deserted beach on the other side and you can take a lovely tranquil walk here and enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful destination here.

Tattooing is a popular activity here. The missionaries had tried to stop this trend some fifty years back but in vain. The fashion tattoos that are made today are very authentic and nice. The older method used was made by hand with the help of very old fashioned tattoo instruments. They used to tap a stick with many needles into the skin.

Sharks Bay in Vanuatu

Then there is Papua New Guinea which is a lovely highland here and is a great wild destination. There are many clans and tribes living together institute of the changes that have taken place here. Mt. Hagen and Goroka follow their tradition and also organize a great show where in all the tribes perform dance and sing. Here you can see the Asaro Mud men and the Huli Wigmen. They look fascinating with the head decorated with animal teeth, feathers and pig grease.

Go to Solomon Islands and enjoy the sights of this lovely land filled with the best kind of greenery and ambience. The betel nut is a very important part of tours here. When crushed and chewed there is a lovely stimulant that comes out and generates the red stains that are so typical of betel nut consumption. There re many offices and shops that are banning the chewing of betel nut in the premises. They also try to reduce the spits stains by encouraging the use of spit boxes.

Papua New Guinea

Visit Solomon Islands and experience the pleasures of the Malita Island. There were many tribes living here before and they apparently practised a lot of facial scarification. This is to separate themselves from enemies. There were many tribes then. Every tribe had a design on the face. Each tribe had the duty of having their own design. It was made of lines and circles which were cut into the cheeks of the infants. After they grew up the marks used to leave a lot of facial patterns on a discolored face. There are many in Malaita who still do this today.

Vanuatu in Australia

Then go to Vanuatu in Australia and enjoy the delights of the tribal dance here. The people here are very shy and a visit here would fill your travels with a great traditional attitude. The Namba dance on Tanna Island is a sight to experience. The chief calls the men by banging on the tam tam and then soon you would see some buck naked men with a bundle of leaves covering their private parts coming in groups. They sing, clap, jump and stamp in their dances beneath a huge banyan tree. This is a great performance and you should see it and not miss it on tours to Australia and South Pacific.

There are innumerable destinations to see in Australia and South Pacific and many more to experience. Come here and bask in the delights of this beautiful paradise.

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