The Tsunami 2004 Facts – An Eye Opener for All

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Every year we celebrate the New Year with full fervour and gaiety. Everyone was doing the same in Phuket also. But suddenly some bad happened and everything changed for always. This was an earthquake which rocked the Indian Ocean on the New Year’s Eve. The Tsunami – the killer waves had struck the Indian Ocean. It was considered to be the deadliest natural disasters to have struck the Indian Ocean. The countries which were the worst affected were Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand. This ghastly incident took lives of many people, living many dead, many helpless and still many whose whereabouts are still not known. The Phuket Tsunami 2004 facts startled everyone when people came to know that the tsunami waves were as powerful as 23,000 Hiroshima type atomic bombs.

Phuket Tsunami 2004 facts

Phuket is known to be tourists Paradise. Every year many visitors flock this part to celebrate the festivities. The same festive mood was going on as usual and people were lost in the rejoicing mood totally unaware that after a few hours this joy will turn into mourning. The Phuket Tsunami 2004 facts show that most of the people were either on the beach front still enjoying and some people were enjoying a sound sleep after a rocking night party. The day when those Tsunami waves struck was the Boxing Day, the very next day after Christmas. It is believed that subduction beneath the Indian Ocean cause a series of Tsunami waves which led to so much devastation.

2004 indian ocean tsunami facts

The knowledge of Tsunami, what it is, how much destruction it can cause was unknown to many of the people apart from few yachters and kayakers. The govt. though passed the information to evacuate the beachside on the public media but the announcements went unheard. The violent movement between the Indian Plate and the Burma Plate triggered killer waves of such an enormous magnitude that it lead to such a widespread devastation. The Phuket Tsunami 2004 facts are very startling.

Every nation world over responded immediately to the disaster. Support flocked from the neighbouring countries. Refugee camps were set up and the people were provided the first aid and other necessary medical facilities. Though the monster has gone, but it has left very grave injury marks on the minds of the people. Though Phuket once again has become a premier tourist destination and visitors have started flocking it once again but still the cruel memories sometimes come to life and haunt the locals and the visitors too. A lot of research work is still going on the tragedy and efforts are on to bring more of Phuket Tsunami 2004 facts to light.

2004 Tsunami facts

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  1. Yjee says:

    Six years after the tsunami wreaked havoc into people’s lives, those who survived live to tell a tale of human endurance and an undying spirit of mankind..Seema form Indonesia is one such person out of the millions who survived, but lost her three beautiful children..
    Seema is a teacher, during the tsunami that befell Indonesia and Thailand, her children were playing near the sea..When they started finding the survivors after the tsunami, Seema despairingly was searching for her kids, but never could find anything about them..Seema now runs a post-traumatic camp for those parents and children who lost their beloved. She is a ray of hope to her people, despite the tragedy that befell her..She motivates her own people to overcome their grief and move on with life. Her story would really inspire many.

  2. Daffne D'Silva says:

    The tsunami which struck the eastern coast of India claimed many lives in Tamil Nadu and places like Alappuzza in South India. Arko a photojournalist captured the photograph of a woman who lost her entire family, a young teenager son, her husband and her parents..Her photograph was published as the front cover picture of many magazines and newspapers which read ‘Tsunami strikes South India’ as their news headline. Last year, when Arko went back to her village, she was given her photograph on the cover of so many news magazines. Such a small gesture made her really happy and proud that her picture could be seen by the whole world. She is living her life alone in the village, spending time with the neighbour’s children and working to earn her daily meal.A very touching story indeed.

  3. Helen Camus says:

    Among stories of human spirit and endurance this story must not be left unsaid. Kushan a local philanthropist, was one of the several survivors of the tsunami which struck Srilanka. He lost his mother, two brothers and their entire families and his only sister. In unclaimed bodies, he couldn’t find any of his family members. His house was lost. Yet putting a smile on his face, his distributed food and water to the survivors who had nothing left, not even hope. He taught the local kids how to swim, so that they were better equipped if tragedy again befell, to help save others and themselves.

  4. Richard Browne says:

    No matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to understand the pain and grief this people went through and are still going through..The survivors have lived and how! They have moved on, despite having lost all that they had, their home, their families, their means of livelihood..Having nothing in hand, the lives of the survivors are worse than those who have lost their lives. In a such time, when I hear so many stories of human endurance , it moves me no end. I salute all those survivors who have forgotten what they lost and are helping their people get on with their lives.

  5. Patty McCarthy says:

    Nothing in this world can be compared to the greatness of human spirit when calamity strikes. Thousands of stories of people from Srilanka, Indonesia, Thailand and South India, only show how strong a person can be and help their people selflessly forgetting their own grief and loss. Stories of volunteers, philanthropists, teachers demonstrates the unrelenting human spirit.

  6. Illeana Ryle says:

    Phuket Tsunami 2004 which claimed close to 2,00,000 lives will never be forgotten. The survivors undying spirit deserves to be applauded..Nothing in the world can ever be equal to their endurance and hopefulness for a new future :-)

  7. Olive Fonseca says:

    December 26, 2004.The ocean floor shook by an earthquake, 240 kms from the island of Sumatra. This earthquake lasted upto 10 minutes and was so powerful that the Earth’s rotation speed increased! After 20 minutes, a huge wall of water 20 metres in height rumbled on Indonesia. In India and Srilanka, seaside communities were washed away. By the time, it was over, more than three lakh twenty five thousand people were dead.
    There are tales of survival and loss from the beaches, hotel rooms, stories of super-human power, turns of fate and unrepairable loss.
    A couple from Europe holidaying in Thailand lost each other in the chaos, just before the wave hit. The woman and their 2-year old son raced to safety on the hotel rooftop. The man was swept away by water, holding their 6-year son and 5-month old baby. When the family was reunited the next day in Phuket, the man tells his wife how he lost their baby, and tried to console her that the rest of them were safe.

  8. Jackie Rutherson says:

    There are several untold stories of those who survived. One such story is of Sameer, a 14-year old boy, who struggled to describe his experience to my Reuter photojournalist friend. He clutched his bed as the wave slammed his house taking away with it his mother and sisters. They all succumbed to death along with 250 people from his village in Srilanka.

  9. Langston Giuliani says:

    I was seeing a documentary of the survivors of tsunami.One story I remember, I’d like to share here-

    A fisherman from Thailand loses his wife, three children and five grandchildren, a daughter-in-law and a grand daughter-in-law in the Tsunami.He is now a monk. He had taken an oath that if he found the bodies of his family members, he would take asceticism. He said, “I’ve come to accept that once we are born we can never escape..nobody of us. You grow old, you grow sick, you die.”

  10. Bella AckerMan says:

    On newschannels many stories of those who survived but never saw again the face of their loved ones. I remember this one-

    A snorkeler who was holidaying in Thailand got pulled by the wave into the ocean and was unable to get back to the beach. After half an hour, when the water level went down, he ran towards the beach shouting the name of his wife and young son.But all he could see was chaos and mixed shouts of help in different languages- Norwegian, Swedish, German, English and Thai.
    He was saved in the tsunami which began in the ocean but lost his family who was waiting for him on the beach.

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