Perilous Beach Destinations – Beware Of The Mighty Jaws

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shark attack viral videosScores of travellers throng endless beach coastlines to unwind in the sun-kissed white sands or immerse in the pristine waters for a dip or surfing stint. But many are taken unawares by burly currents or fatal shark attacks. Though many seemingly wise people claim that one’s probability to undergo shark fatalities is as rare as winning a lottery, there are many areas one must tread with careful concern. The basic thumb rule is not to venture in the early hours of dawn or dusk as it is the preferred time to feed.

The New Smyrna Beach in Florida is the shark helm of the world with copious breed of Bull Sharks, Spinners and Blacktips spanning the shallow waters for a quick bite. With more than hundred cases of shark-man fatal encounters with nearly 20 bites on record. Despite this harrowing fact the place is open to all. The beaches of Brevard County have the dangerous whites which comprise close to one-fourths of all shark attacks in the whole of Florida.

shark attackThe North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii or the La Paz in Mexico has reported fatal shark facings every season. Be wary when in Bolinas Beach in North California while venturing in the water if one does not see seals around, it is a big pointer not to go in. The Stinson Beach close by, has cited of assaults from sharks as high as 15 feet. The Kahana in Maui has been in news in many instances due to this reason.     Many a seasoned divers or surfers stay away from the waters at the Tiger Beach in Grand Bahamas Island. There has been alarming news related to shark assaults pouring in from places like Acapulco, Solana Beach, New South Wales, Ballina Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, South Carolina and the Beaches of Horry County.

Recent surveys have concluded that those whose are stand up surfers that paddle are seemingly irresistible to the white sharks due to the mistaken feel of a sea lion, which is evident in the five reported shark attacks in just two months in the San Onofre State Beach in the Pacific Coast of North America. The coasts of Bodega Bay, west end of Farallon Islands and the area between North Santa Cruz and south Ano Nuevo State Park have been clearly demarcated as the dreaded Red Triangle by marine biologists. The reason is the rich influx of planktons which are the prime fodder for the fish, seals, and other aquatic mammals which are top food source for sharks. The attacks seem to aggravate during the peak summer and autumn months when hoards of beach mongers and fishermen throng the seas.

picture-13Four revellers have been mangled in the summer months this year by the dreaded jaws near the Sydney Opera House and the south end of the Bondi Beach. The significant increase being due to revived aquatic life and purer waters. Though floating shark nets have been installed in several Sydney Beaches, they seem to be of little help as they deter only small aquatic forms. There have been disturbing sights of thousand odd shark egg castings scattered through the area of New Castle Beach which points to a bumper crop of sharks this year.

The Port Kennedy Beach in Perth offers ample underwater adventures, which quite a few times has turned into a disaster as there have been incidents sited of people who have gone snorkelling and gone missing, coupled with significant shark sightings recorded.

The beaches in Zihuatanejo, Acapulco had recorded three shark attacks in just a month last year. The abnormal increase is believed to be cold currents, influx of gigantic squids and other prey and climatic changes that have propelled their numbers.

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