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One of the favourite for many tourists traveling across the island regions is the Palmyra Islands. Amongst the most serene places this is also a place that is a lovely region to be in. So visit Palmyra and come here to be surrounded by the beautiful lagoons and the most fascinating locales in this part of the world.

This island is the most tranquil destination in this part of the world and has all the pleasures that are ideal for a tourist to relax in and a traveller to get rejuvenated at. The coral reefs here are fascinating and mesmerizing The Nature Conservancy purchased this island in the year 2000 and from then it has been turned into a Wildlife Refuge for scientific research. the healthy reef structure here and the ecosystem here at Palmyra helps in conservation of coral reef here in these regions.

Palmyra Island

The Palmyra Atoll is one the Line Islands in the land of Micronesia and is around 1,778 km to the south of the Honolulu region which is around American Samoa and Hawaii. The Kingman Reef which is an uninhabited land which is very near the place and the Kiribati Islands are the nearest islands here.

Travellers come here and they are allowed to live here and come here by private boat. The visits here should have the approval of the Government. this island was taken over by the Hawaii Kingdom in the year 1862 and then the United States of America included it among the Hawaiian Islands when it took over the archipelago in the year 1898. The State of Hawaii has an act that has the Hawaii Statehood Act of 1959 which did not have the Palmyra Island and Atoll which is today owned by the Nature Conservancy. This is a wildlife refuge which has waters surrounding it and also the lagoons which cover the entire place. There was a new climatology research station which started in the year 2005.

With the luscious green surroundings, and heavy rainfall, this atoll is among the most unique of all US Pacific Island regions. Today it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific region. This is found on the Pisonia beach sands.

Pacific Island

With the hot and equatorial climate this island is situated in the low pressure area of the Intertropical Convergence Zone which is where the trade winds meet, and thus the shore is being littered with a kind of debris that is carried by the Pacific currents.

Palmyra Islands has a lot of coral islands which are at a low level and has a narrow reef fringing on the sides and it has developed over a submerged volcanic mountain, which rise high from the steep ocean floor. The islands in and around this area are connected to each other.

This is a place which has the Cooper Island which is a 2000 meter unpaved and this is the largest island in the northern side. One can reach by boat which has moorings in a lagoon which is a little away from Cooper Island.

Cooper Island

Today there is not activity on the Palmyra island and this is one island that has no public accommodations on the Palmyra Atoll with only limited facilities. Then there is Jarvis Island which is the nearest inhabited island and is a great place to go to.

The Palmyra islands with its innumerable sights and beautiful scenes is a great place to visit and an ideal place to go to in this part of the world,visit it and bask in the pleasures of the most enthralling sights that one could get in this part of the world.

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