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Palau or the Republic of Palau, or even Belau is widely known to be a nation without proper borders is situated in the Pacific Ocean and is five hundred kilometers to the east of Philippines. It occupies the western side of Caroline Islands of Micronesia in the Philippines Sea.  The islands over here with the highest population are Angaur, Babeldaob, Koror, and Peleliu. There are also many limestone rock islands over here, which are more than two hundred in number. Each of these islands are separated from each other by a number of barriers and coral reefs. The area of this relatively new and tiny nation is not more the 428 kilometers.

One of the most amazing facts, though, is what gives it also its geographical identity: the underwater riches of this place.  Most of Palau’s greatest natural beauties are those that one will find underwater. The underwater world of this region is nothing short of a theme park, with so much color and excitement to offer all those who come over here. If there was ever a place that could easily take the title of being the world’s richest nation in terms of biodiversity and geographical diversity at the same time, it would have to be Palau. The waters around the island here are known to be home to one and a half thousand species of fish, five species of turtles and seven hundred species of corals and anemones. Palau is also amongst those few last places on the planet, where one can see the last surviving groups of dugongs.

With so much animal life and geographical diversity all over the place, it is not surprising to think that Palau makes for some of the most interesting diving experiences that one can ever think and experience. From pristine blue waters to marine life never before, to diving locations that will take your breath away (not literally), this place is probably one of the most blessed place in terms of natural beauty and variety too. One of the best times to go sea diving in Palau is in the time of the high tide, when the surface of the water fills with plankton, and signals feeding time for the fish.  These are some of the best places to have the experience of a lifetime diving.

Amongst the most popular and famous diving sites in the entire nation of Palau is the Cave Candelabra or Chandelier Cave. Images of Chandelier Cave are what make most of the beautiful calendars; magazines and wallpapers on desktops look so good.  Located quite close to the Bay near Koror, Cave Candelabra is a tunnel that is a hundred and thirty meters long and goes all the way to the underground of the Ngerchaol Islands. This tunnel is the stuff you would find in those adventure movies: long deep dark tunnels, with pools of clear, sparkling water. As you go deeper and deeper the air keeps getting thinner, so if you plan to go here, make use of good equipment like a mask and a regulator. The journey here continues as you tread along the rocky shore of a beautiful underground lake, and see some of the most amazing limestone creations. These limestone structures have been made out of the dripping calcium deposits and have formed stalagmites and stalactites. The place is so silent that you can hear the sound of each drop of water drip here.

At a distance of about forty minutes away from the island of Koror is the Jellyfish Lake. Jellyfish Lake is one of the most interesting and mystifying features on the planet of marine life. Not only does it exude a feeling of wonder about the natural intrinsic behavior of the place, but one also wonders what geographical causes lead to this end. In order to go through to this lake, one needs to cross over quite a steep hill. While reaching here is fairly difficult, the end result is one that will leave you smiling- the lake is one that that is made of saline water, and is filled, almost overflowing with jelly fish, ranging in colors from brown to white to even orange. The feeling of a dip in the lake is one that is sure to be one like never before, unless you have swum with what seem like a million jellyfish.

The third place that you must be sure to try if you re interested in really exploring the diving options of Palau is the region of the Siaes Tunnel. While swimming near the reef along the west coast of the Ulong Island, you will realize that you are up against a vertical wall of sorts. Swimming along, you suddenly reach an enormous crevasse in the wall that is made out of the reef. What seems first to be the very depths of hell, dark, and unresponsive, as soon as your eyes get relaxed to the sudden dark, you realize that you are at the mouth of a clear entrance that leads to a cave that is fifty meters deep, almost parallel to this sudden wall. The arch of the entrance is one that is lined with black corals and sponges. The place is one that provides the best lighting and conditions for the best of photography.

Besides these places, there are a good number of places that one could go to enjoy the benefits of diving in this scenic land.

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