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  • Buenos Aires – Ground Zero For Memorable Travel Adventure
    Buenos Aires – Ground Zero For Memorable Travel Adventure
    Buenos Aires is the glamorous capital of Argentina and was the first city to be appointed by UNESCO as “The City Of Design” in 2005. Through public and private collaboration this city has been able to harness the energy and innovation of its design sector for development initiatives on a local, regional and international level. The city has diversified its economic growth potentials and is also known for building one of the most vibrant and dynamic design scenes in Latin America. Buenos Aires is a city which has people with a passion for life rivaled by no other. When you visit this amazing city you will be welcomed with a host of options to explore, You can check out the local culture, or learn to tango, to observe a sporting event, or  just merely have a business meeting, there is something for everyone. Buenos Aires is located  [...]
    Posted at June 4th, 2009 at 08:06 am
  • Berlin – A City Full Of Live And Brimming With Hope
    Berlin – A City Full Of Live And Brimming With Hope
    Berlin has bagged its place in the list of “UNESCO’s City Of Design”. This city bubbles with innovation in the creative arts. In the earlier days Berlin was sometimes looked upon in horror, fascination or sympathy, but today the whole of Europe looks upon Berlin as a trendsetter. Berlin, the capital of Germany is one of the most influential centers of the European Union. Berlin has been capital of different German nations: County of Brandenburg, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, German Democratic Republic (only the Eastern part), and also of today’s Germany. The name Berlin is derived from the Slavic syllable “Berl”, which means “swamp”. Berlin is a city which is famous for history and culture. The immediate connection, when Berlin is mentioned is well-known World War II. You can witness the area  [...]
    Posted at June 4th, 2009 at 12:06 am
  • Sri Mahabodhi – Veneration Paradise
    Sri Mahabodhi – Veneration Paradise
    The Sri Mahabodhi Tree or the sacred Bodhi Tree which is more than 2000 yrs old and holds the longest mention in history scripts, is located in the primeval, sacred city of Anuradhapura which is situated nearly 130kms from Kandy in Sri Lanka. The Mahabodhi temple is considered the first of the eight pious sites in Anuradhapura. According to Buddhist scripts, Siddharta Gautama performed severe penance under the Bodhi Tree which is the right branch of the Sri Mahabodhi Tree in Gaya. After 49 long days of meditation withstanding several unwanted illusions, Siddharta attained enlightenment and became Buddha. After achieving enlightenment, he continued to meditate for a week under the tree and then walked nearby for a week while meditating. Chankramanar, the jewel walk, situated on north end of the Mahabodhi temple, commemorates that  [...]
    Posted at June 3rd, 2009 at 01:06 pm
  • Dalada – The Sacred Buddhist Paradise
    Dalada – The Sacred Buddhist Paradise
    To every devout Buddhist particularly those residing in Sri Lanka, nothing sums up greater significance than the sacred Tooth relic in the Dalada temple, in Kandy.  The Tooth relic which is believed to be the left canine tooth of the Great Buddha was sent during the fourth century A.D. by the Indian King Guhasiva of Kalinga to Sri Lanka for safeguarding. Ever since the Tooth relic has been preserved and venerated with high regard and pomp by the kings in Sri Lanka. Initially it was sent to the capital city of Anuradhapura which was in its hay days with thriving economy. About 500 years ago when the downfall of Anuradhapura happened, the Tooth relic was then brought to Kandy. Folklore has it that Kandy faced a series of three consecutive years of severe famine about 300 years ago. When the relic was then taken out on a parade, the  [...]
    Posted at June 2nd, 2009 at 11:06 am
  • Alaska – Land Of Splendid Glaciers
    Alaska – Land Of Splendid Glaciers
    The sub-zero wintry climate, snow –inundated backdrop, amazing marine life forms and pristine glaciers, all conjugate to make this largest and chilliest state in U.S., Alaska such an inimitable place to visit. Though Alaska is known for its cruel winters, one can find placid weather during the summer months when the ice has thawed out revealing the captivating sights of the secluded, swathed mountains. The summer months is the peak time when this place is thronged by countless tourists exploring the opulence of this majestic paradise on Earth. One of the places to look out for is the Alaskan city of Juneau. One can board one of the coaches to enjoy the scenic views of this city. As one travels uphill, one is floored by the sights of temperate rain forests with its lush vegetation known to be void of toxic vegetation or snakes.  [...]
    Posted at June 2nd, 2009 at 01:06 am
  • EVERLAND THEME PARK- The Land Of Everlasting Fun-N-Frolic
    EVERLAND THEME PARK- The Land Of Everlasting Fun-N-Frolic
    One is always overwhelmed by the fiesta time going on non-stop through the year, with spectacular views of floats, parades, road shows and the adrenaline-pumping rides at the Everland Theme park opened in 1976, in Yongin. Many say that Everland, the largest theme park in South Korea, matches up to of Disneyland due to its beautiful and neat landscape areas, feel, premise and design. Many come here during the key times like Halloween, Christmas and during the Tulip festival in spring. During Christmas, the place is ethereally decorated, with the staff dressed as Santas skating though the ice rings adding to the spirit of the season. The prime attractions are segregated into European Adventure, Zootopia, Global Fair, Magic Land, American Adventure, Carribean Bay which is a famous water park. Those who love getting quick rushes and  [...]
    Posted at June 1st, 2009 at 02:06 pm
  • Salzburg … The Beauty Of Austria
    Salzburg … The Beauty Of Austria
    Salzburg which was once ruled by the Archbishop is a jewel in the map of Austria. It is regarded as one of the cultural capitals of the world. The city features small alleyways, quaint colorful houses, palaces and castles. This city has a unique baroque feel to it and a storybook atmosphere. It entertains the tourist with its excellent collection of ancient buildings various magnificent gardens, churches and monasteries and other modern resources of enjoyment. It is the birthplace of world-famous musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and hence it is sometimes acknowledged as the City of Music. Hohensalzburg Fort Built in 1077 Hohensalzburg Fortress, also known as Salzburg Fort is one of the largest fortresses in central Europe. This fort served as the residence of many prince archbishops. The most wonderful thing about this fort lies  [...]
    Posted at June 1st, 2009 at 02:06 am
  • The Gems Of Germany
    The Gems Of Germany
    If you wish to explore any place which has remnants of the recent past, then Germany’s the place for you. As all of us are aware Germany played a very important role during the previous world wars which makes this country a popular tourist destination. Tourist flock to this country to have a glimpse of those monuments which were heard in stories told by our grand parents and are still not forgotten. 1. Berlin Wall Berlin wall has the most historic values that attract tourist across the world .it is a place that’s more inundated with charged up emotions. The vestige of the wars stands as one of the greatest monuments to democracy known to man 2. The Romantic Road It is one of the most scenic tourist attraction in Germany that goes winding from the River Main in the north towards the southern part of Alps. The  [...]
    Posted at May 31st, 2009 at 05:05 pm
  • Enjoy The Adventures In Grand Canyon Tour
    Enjoy The Adventures In Grand Canyon Tour
    The Grand Canyon symbolizes the ultimate travel destination in America.  It is situated 3.5 hours from Las Vegas to the Canyon County The Grand Canyon is an enormous rift in the Plateau of Colorado which  compels even the most jaded traveler to pause and draw breath. It shows one of the six well-known physiographic sections of the Colorado Plateau province. Along the floor of Grand Canyon flows the Colorado River which covers around 277 miles. The Grand Canyon is geologically famous because of the thick sequence of ancient rocks majestically preserved and exposed in the walls of the canyon. The overwhelming size as well as obscured and colorful landscape attracts a lot of tourists. The national park in Grand Canyon was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt as Grand Canyon Monument in 1908 and it later became a national park in  [...]
    Posted at May 31st, 2009 at 04:05 am
  • Great Barrier Reef ……… A Natural Wonder Of The World
    Great Barrier Reef ……… A Natural Wonder Of The World
    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and the only living thing on earth visible from space. It is the largest coral reef in the world, situated parallel to the coast of Queensland. It stretches from the coastal town of Bundaberg, up past the tip of Cape York Australia, for almost 2,000km. This stupendous wonder of the modern era comprises of, billions upon billions of living coral polyps, which are actually microscopic organisms. The Great Barrier Reef is world’s busiest marine life sanctuary because of its diverse population of living creatures. The Great Barrier Reef is of such pristine condition that it was listed by the World Heritage Trust as a protected site and is therefore managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority which protects the area from many human and environmental  [...]
    Posted at May 30th, 2009 at 04:05 pm