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  • The Caves Of Lascaux – Part II
    The Caves Of Lascaux – Part II
    Lascaux’s rich inventory of art were the fine works of the Cro-magnon man, one of the close relatives of the homo sapiens, well-aware of all innate rhythms, prospering in the clement gorges in the Dordogne when the rest of Europe was engulfed in the clutches of an ice age. One can find the most primitive lunar calendar ever created on the walls of the Lascaux Caves. In the Chamber of Bulls, there is a striking painting depicting a deer below which is noted a string of thirteen dots ending in a square shape that point out to the Moon’s half monthly cycle. The empty square represents the missing Moon. Also noted were a row of 29 dots below a portrayal of a brown horse pointing to the Moon’s 29-day cyclic movement. An assortment of stellar constellations are noted on the wall of the main chamber and above the shoulder of a bull  [...]
    Posted at August 20th, 2009 at 09:08 am
  • The Caves Of Lascaux – Part I
    The Caves Of Lascaux – Part I
    The complex painted caves of Lascaux located in the Dordogne region, Southern France, are amongst the highly eminent monuments that depict Ice Age art form. The awe-inspiring paintings dating back close to 17,000 years are also ascribed as ‘the antediluvian Sistine Chapel’. Initially uncovered on September 12, 1940 by French quartet teens, following which the hearsay of the unearthing spread like wild fire that drew hoards of eager crowds including the nearby village dwellers and eventually archaeologists too visited the site. Shortly subsequent to the culmination of the Second World War, the access way to the cave was broadened and the base was lowered to facilitate easy entry to viewers. With close to 1200 visitors paying a trip to the cave daily, by 1955, the cave’s fame began to have a major negative bearing on its interiors,  [...]
    Posted at August 19th, 2009 at 09:08 pm
  • The Great Pyramid of Cholula
    The Great Pyramid of Cholula
    The Great Pyramid of Cholula is a gigantic shrine-pyramid complex situated close to the dual volcanic peaks of Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl and ten minutes proximity from the city of Puebla on the old highway route to Mexico City. It has been averred by the Guinness World Records as the largest monument globally with a mammoth assessed volume of above 4.45 million cubic metres, even toppling the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza by more than one-third. Devoted to the eminent Aztec deity Quetzalcoati, the Great Pyramid of Cholula was believed to have been constructed by one of the seven giants known as Xelhua in accordance to the Aztec’s faith. Its ongoing construction spanned generations over 2nd century BC to the early 16th century wherein it expanded to no less than four times. The orientation of the Cholula Pyramid is to the  [...]
    Posted at August 19th, 2009 at 10:08 am
  • Todaiji Temple – The Pride of Japan
    Todaiji Temple – The Pride of Japan
    The Great Eastern Temple also called Todaiji, situated in mid Nara in the Nara Park, is amongst Japan’s highly fames shrines and a remarkable milestone of Nara. Built in 752 under the reign of Emperor Shomu, as the chief temple of all regional Buddhist temples found in Japan, it draws its name from its position in the east Nara that was the former capital of Japan at the time of its construction. Presently, it is the head-office of the Kegon school of Buddhism in Japan. Depicting the zenith of grand Buddhist architecture, the wide-scaling temple was appreciably bigger than what it presently stands. The prime figure of the temple is the bronze-based enormously sized statue of Buddha Vairocana venerated by the Kegon sect in Buddhism. In accordance to famed myths, close to twenty-six lakh locals assisted in the construction of the  [...]
    Posted at August 18th, 2009 at 09:08 pm
  • Your Sixth Sense For Travelling
    Your Sixth Sense For Travelling
    With new technology knocking the doors every day, our lifestyles is undergoing a fast paced evolution. Thanks to the iPhone, we travel with technology on our fingertips making it easier and more exciting than ever before. Though it all comes for a price, it’s worth its dime. Deciding to bring it on a trip can change the way you travel. Here I am mentioning some 15 of such amazing features which will make your travel unforgettable. 1. Flight Stats/ NextFlight Gone are the days of chills through spine when you got up late to catch a flight only to find upon reaching the airport that the flight is cancelled/ delayed etc. Search for flight status, departure and arrival times, airport and airline information, security wait times and current airport delays, before you reach the airport on your iPhone. 2. Call a cab. So you reach your  [...]
    Posted at August 18th, 2009 at 10:08 am
  • Spectacular Arena of Excitement…
    Spectacular Arena of Excitement…
    Historically, the stadiums were nothing but a field where people played while others perched on benches to cheer. But a modern day stadium has travelled far from its root. It is designed scientifically to bring out marvels for the world to enjoy. Today, we have more than 10 000 stadiums in over 223 countries which are frequented by 18,000 visitors daily. There are some splendidly made stadiums around the world that are a testament to great architecture. You never know, you might be lucky in getting to see your favorite player practicing while not even paying a fortune. Here are some stadiums from around the world that homes different popular clubs, and is worth a visit: Wembley Stadium- London, UK Wembley’s 90,000 capacity makes it the second largest stadium in Europe after Camp Nou and the largest in the world with every  [...]
    Posted at August 17th, 2009 at 10:08 pm
  • Travel to hiatus!!
    Travel to hiatus!!
    Have you often watched movies and thought that you too want to be like the carefree globe trotter on the screen? Have you ever felt jealous of travel show hosts who chance upon the whole world (and are paid to do that)? Has it always been your dream to wander around the world and experience its wonderful adventures? If your answer is yes for even one of these questions, then it’s time for you to do something about the present scene. Not everyone is fortunate to go on financed tours to great places and then get paid for it too. And not everybody is made to be on these kinds of job. So stop cursing yourself and start working towards getting the desired end- to TRAVEL. Now you have a problem. What do you do about your job? You can’t possibly get couple of months off just for travel; neither can you lie about a maternity or paternity  [...]
    Posted at August 17th, 2009 at 10:08 am
  • Superstition Mountain
    Superstition Mountain
    The magnificent 29 million years old monolithic haven of the Superstition Mountain is the world renowned insignia that effectually segregates urban opulence and quest of the wild. Towering at 3,000feet, the Superstitious Mountain lies east of Apache Junction Arizona that is perched next to Mesa and is visible from the close by Phoenix. The Spaniards were the premier Europeans to unearth the Superstition Mountain, and most likely got christened by the initial settlers and farmers who overheard fables of mystery, unexplained on-goings and the Pima Indians who had major trepidations regarding the mountain and would not cross the mountain. Old and recent folklore surround the Superstition Mountain like that of the Indian myths that believed that it was the abode of the evil spirits who caused the shrilling grumblings audible from the  [...]
    Posted at August 16th, 2009 at 09:08 am
  • Prepare To Unwind Through A Travel Of Its Kind
    Prepare To Unwind Through A Travel Of Its Kind
    In one of his famous bestsellers, Paulo Coelho mentioned a man, a faithful Muslim man who dreamt of going to Mecca one day. When the alchemist asked him the reason why he is not going, he wisely said, “Because it is the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive. That’s what helps me face these days that are all the same…I am afraid that if my dream is realized, I will have no reason to keep living.” If you are still reading on, then definitely you are one of the two categories mentioned above. You have dreamt of trotting around the globe but are still thinking on 5Ws and 1H (What, Where, Who, Why, When & How). Some people are fortunate enough to have realised their goals while others are still contemplating.  If you belong to the latter, then just read on, get inspired, pack your bags and LEAVE. If you are a true travel  [...]
    Posted at August 15th, 2009 at 11:08 am
  • DNA of a Lean, Mean Traveler…
    DNA of a Lean, Mean Traveler…
    Have you ever imagined yourself to be just traveling… far far off… On a DIET BUDGET!!!! At this point, you have to stay at least once, (if not all the time) in a hostel dorm. Dorms are great for giving you the opportunity to make friends while taking away from you the sleep that u desperately are in need of. And to top it all, the squeaky bunk or the cheap plastic mattress or a heavily snoring roommate, can really take out any fun that was left to be enjoyed… A wise man once said, ‘when u have to sleep, you have to sleep and cannot do anything else.’ And so let us give you some tips so that u can endure all this and still, are able to catch up on your most revered SLEEP. Ready yourself for anything : Before embarking on any such tour, you should mentally prepare yourself well in advance. If you are doing it for the  [...]
    Posted at August 14th, 2009 at 09:08 pm