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  • Goat Island Niagara Falls , New York
    Goat Island Niagara Falls , New York
    No trip to world famous Niagara Falls in U.S.A. is complete without visiting the goat islands. Situated in between Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe falls on the Niagara River, this place is stunningly beautiful. Still uninhabited the Goat Island Niagara Falls is house to woody trees and walking trails. An interesting story of how this island got it name goes like this. John Stedman – a miller, kept a herd of goats on the island. But all the animals died in the terrible winter of 1780, but the island got the name. The potential of Goat Island Niagara Falls, being a prominent tourist attraction was envisioned by Augustus Porter who purchased the island and built a toll bridge to the islands for the tourist. But today here stands another bridge which is known for its magnificent architecture. It was given the name of “One of  [...]
    Posted at October 7th, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • Raring At Rarotonga
    Raring At Rarotonga
    As I spoke to a French naval officer I once met, he said to me “Rarotonga is cool.  It’s almost like Tahiti, only without the French.” Unveiling Rarotonga: Well, he may have been kidding; but in most ways, Rarotonga is said to be a miniature Tahiti. The Cook Islands are said to be an independent country which is associated with New Zealand. Just like Tahiti, it is said to have its independent valleys and peaks which get surrounded by a coastal plain, an azure lagoon and a reef that extends offshore. Let’s not forget the gorgeous beaches that make an integral part of the complete picture here. Aitutaki – The Cousin: Rarotonga has an enchanting sister who goes by the name Aitutaki. She can make up for the Bora Bora when you’re in Cook Islands.  Aitutaki is known to be surrounded by a lagoon that is both shallow and beautiful.  [...]
    Posted at October 6th, 2010 at 03:10 am
  • Haiti Beaches calling You
    Haiti Beaches calling You
    What kind of beach vacation are you looking for? The one which would allow you to relax and chill out or the one which would make you explore the adventurer side of you. I just spotted that Haiti, the amazing Caribbean nation boasts of the world famous Haiti beaches which would make your beach vacation unforgettable. The unspoiled and pristine coastlines are haven. Haiti boasts of beaches ranging from lovely palm lined beaches near the capital to black sand beaches near Jamacel, the beach experience here would be different and one of its own kind. Swim, Snorkel and take a nature walk on the Labadie beach. Famous as one of the world’s finest sandy beaches, this beach will provide you endless opportunities to explore yourself. It is also protected by the coral reefs. The songs, the music, the food, the sea side resorts, and the  [...]
    Posted at October 5th, 2010 at 02:10 am
  • World’s Amazing Top Ten Adventure Destinations
    World’s Amazing Top Ten Adventure Destinations
    Jet off for the thrill of a lifetime with planning to go to the world’s top ten adventure destination in the globe. Adrenaline junkies just pack your bags and be ready to face some real adventure.  The place that tops my list is the amazing Amazon. Some years back the Amazon was the preserve only of intrepid discoverers but no more now. The Manatee Amazon Explorer manned by expert English speaking naturalist guides will take you on a remarkable three decked riverboats for some real adventure. As once progresses, the level goes on increasing making you to either go with the option of spending the nights in the rainforests or going for the take off- boat excursions through the upper areas of the mysterious Amazon river where you will be greeted by endangered black Caiman and manatee weighing more than thousands a pound and measuring  [...]
    Posted at October 4th, 2010 at 02:10 am
  • Truly spectacular  – the Milford Sound Geographical Features
    Truly spectacular – the Milford Sound Geographical Features
    A world renowned natural wonder where you will witness spectacular waterfalls running down in the sea making a gushing sound, lushly covered dense rainforests, Milford sound is aptly the most famous visitor destination in New Zealand. Acc. To a Maori legend, a Godly figure, Tu Te Raki Whanoa carved the Fiordland and yes this place is God’s own creation. It seems that the almighty has bestowed Milford sound with bounties of nature. Milford sound geographical features receive rainfall almost 182 days of the year, thus making it the wettest place in New Zealand. But this also not stops the tourist to keep flocking in and marvel at its majestic beauty. Number of scenic cruises and an underwater observatory provides wide view of the black coral and underwater life. World famous for azure wilderness and unmatched water sport activities  [...]
    Posted at October 1st, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • The Fun Never stops at Kemah Island
    The Fun Never stops at Kemah Island
    Kemah Island is the place when it comes to water sports, dining, shopping or just relaxing the entire day. 25 minutes ride both from Houston and Galveston Bay, Kemah is named after the Indian word meaning ‘wind in my face’. Kemah’s tourism industry is driven by Kemah Boardwalk, a lively dining, shopping and entertainment center on Galveston Bay. It features themed restaurants, retail shops and amusements for every generation. Kemah boasts of some of the world famous hotels and restaurants. Brimming with marine life, guests to the Kemah Boardwalk enjoy shopping in speciality shops which offer year round Christmas ornaments, home decors and gifts. Don’t miss the arcade and midway games. Boasting of 36 foot carousel, 65 foot Ferris wheel and rides like the Aviator, inventor and the Boardwalk tower will spellbound you. Though  [...]
    Posted at September 30th, 2010 at 12:09 am
  • The Salzburg Fort in Austria – A Must Visit
    The Salzburg Fort in Austria – A Must Visit
    Never been conquered by the enemy but will conquer you with its magnificent architecture and rich history. We are talking about the Hohensalzburg fortress also known as Salzburg Fort, the largest fort in central Europe. Symbol of largest preserved medieval European defensive structure, gives the visitors an insight into the royal lifestyle of the Knights, damsels, and the Prince Bishops. The main attractions are the Golden Hall and the Golden Chamber studded with ornamental painting and complicated Gothic Wood Carvings. Even the city of Salzburg in Austria is no less than a jewel. The city holds endless mysteries and awaits the tourist to unfold it step by step. It is also known as the city of music as it is the birthplace of legendary musician, Mozart. The panorama of the Salzburg basin, the old city and nearby Alpine mountain peaks  [...]
    Posted at September 29th, 2010 at 12:09 am
  • Have a lifetime Experience in the De Efteling Theme Park
    Have a lifetime Experience in the De Efteling Theme Park
    Johny Johny Yes Papa!! Twinkle Twinkle little Star! Early to bed early to rise!! Shocked and surprise as to why I am reciting these nursery poems. Hey! Let me tell you, i have just returned from an eventful Sunday which brought back my lost and almost forgotten childhood memories to life. Along with group of friends we all had time of our lives in the de efteling theme park, in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. Wished my sister could be with me as she loved the fairy like any other girls and usually go to bed after listening a fairy tale from grandma. Inspired by the fairy tales, the famous Dutch illustrator Anton Pieck brought to life some ten different fairy tales in the fairy Tale Forest. From Snow white to the little mermaid, the sleeping beauty to little red riding hood, the Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, the wolf and the seven kids;  [...]
    Posted at September 28th, 2010 at 01:09 am
  • The Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art : Altamira Cave Paintings
    The Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art : Altamira Cave Paintings
    Famous for its vivid parietal art, the Altamira Cave Paintings were discovered in Northeren Spain by Paleo- archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola in 1879. it is also known as the “Sistine Chapel of Stone Age art” as it features drawings and multi coloured cave paintings of wild animals and human hands. Altamira was designated a UN World Heritage Site in 1985. Believed to be belonging to Magdalenian period according to archeological investigations, Altamira is the only site of cave painting in which the signs of domestic life extend into the first cavern which contains the actual painting. One of the interesting facts spotted by the archaeologists lead to the discovery that people at Altamira used more advanced technology than Paleolithic people which gave off less smoke and soot than torches and fats as used by the Paleolithic. The  [...]
    Posted at September 27th, 2010 at 01:09 am
  • Things to do in Bora Bora
    Things to do in Bora Bora
    Truly, the most romantic island in the world, Bora Bora is a lagoon resembling a poet’s imagination, an artist’s palette of blues and greens. Love at first sight is what you will say and feel when one lands in this beautiful island. The castle like Mount Otemanu kisses the sky with perfect white sand beaches kissed by the pristine turquoise waters. It seems as if love is in the air. Romantics from the world have continued to transcend this island in search of their true love or make for their lost love. A perfect honeymoon destination for the couples to get marooned with their loved ones. Take the stress out and unwind and celebrate on this majestic island. The French Polynesia is calling you for a romantic getaway. The white sandy beaches, the warm tropical breezes and romantic huts over water are waiting for you. The sun set  [...]
    Posted at September 23rd, 2010 at 02:09 am