On a student budget? Still can enjoy a lot!

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Are you a student who is living overseas and wants to save money? Or Are you a habitual traveler who often plan for trips with the youngsters, but are looking for some ways of saving money to see and explore more? If yes, then you are reading the correct article as to it is here that you will come to know about a few valuable money-saving tips.

Get the bookings in advance

Planning and booking the requirements much in advance does not only aid in utilizing the time optimumly, but also facilitates one in getting cheaper air as well as train tickets. On the contrary, accommodations tend to be quite cheaper during the last-minute booking as the owners will prefer a discounted rate rather than earning nothing and leaving the rooms empty. Negotiate well if you know that there are many rooms available and that this is last minute booking time.

Prefer a hostel or an apartment

For last-minute planning, hostels are a great option. However, if you are planning for a holiday with a group, go for a big apartment that really is a cost-effective choice that never compromises with comfort. Do some research online, especially VRBO.com where a myriad of apartments in famous Asian as well as European towns are listed along with the cheap off-season offers.

Buy an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

If you are a student or are traveling with your children who are students, doing so will give you a humungous benefit of discounts at major attractions such as museums and parks. For example, Rome’s Vatican Museum will charge only €4 instead of €8 if there is an ISIC with you. Directly half of the cost! Even your college-issued student ID is fine, but that will show its magic only for dining or movie attractions in the state. For most of the overseas highlights, an ISIC is needed, which can be purchased online for $22. The necessary condition to get this card is that the full-time student must be above 12. So, no part-time student can get this benefit. Also check out whether the ISIC can work at the department stores, hotels, and restaurants. And if it does, it is like a lottery for you!

Prefer always public modes of transport

If you are not in a group, your cheapest mode of transport would be a bus or subway provided your stay is not for too many days. Further, an unlimited pass from the subway ticket venues or from the airport is also a good option for a few-day visit. If at all your trip is long, it is wise to go for a multi-ride ticket. You might not end up saving much in terms of money, but you will definitely save time by avoiding long queues each time you travel.

Get to know the prices

This especially applies to the restaurants and bars where you must always ask in advance about the prices. If you do not do so, you might end up spending several times more than the actual price. For example, cost of the coffee at the bar tends to be higher if served in the restaurant, which is seen in Europe. Further, a few bars and restaurants price your menu as per your willingness to pay. Lastly, do also check the bill as many waiters purposely inflate the prices or just include more items that you have never eaten.

Satisfy your taste buds with the locals

If you know the language of the region in which you are, you are more likely to be benefited by this option. Make some good welcoming locals your friends and let them invite you for a weekend dinner. Similarly, if you can find smaller traditional eateries run by the locals who offer really tasty food at low prices, nothing can get better than that. And if suppose you do not know the language, you can at least learn the favorite dishes’ names in the regional language and kick off a good brunch.

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