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Traveling towards the same childhood days where you had loads of adventures and fun is not a fairy-tale now. You need to take just a step ahead to North America, a country which has loads of amusement parks only for you. So if you want the precious moments back, here is a right site that will provide a list of the top amusements parks in North America. So become a child again and taste the sci-fi fiction more than the childhood flavors.  Visit these amusements parks and Get into the world of excitements at list once every year.

Visiting these parks is worth to enjoy a break. Decide your dream vacation to amusement parks and discover a new child in you. A vacation of thrills, fun, excitement and loads more. These parks will give you new refreshment and relaxation apart from all the pains of the day-to-day life. Just land into the kid’s zone and be a kid again. Books your leaves today.

Sea World, California

Followings are some of the exciting places where you can get in:-

The Sea World, California

It is the best place for the people who love animals. It is the rich fauna living deep inside the sea. One can never miss out to spot the shark encounter here, well that is the only reason why people visit this lovely place. Here, the big adventure is that the watcher is protected inside a tube while the shark is jumping on him/her. This is an exciting experience one can ever have by exploring the deepness of the sea and the magnificent nature of the sea world.

Canada’s wonderland, Ontario

Well, Canada is not only famous for its Niagara Falls and hockey. The truth is something else. This carries the wonderland of charming climate and pleasurable amusement parks too. The wonderland is located near the city of Toronto.  There are almost 200 things to enjoy for children and as well as for adults that include vortex and Sky River. The atmosphere here in the winters is just can not be imagined but can be experienced.

canadas wonderland

Disneyland, California

Everybody is familiar to this word but may not have seen it. But when it comes for Disneyland,  people can normally  think of the kids enjoying here. But anyone can have his own allocate of enjoyment by heading straight to fantasy land and to visit the mickey’s toontown can not be ignored ever . One can never think that he can enjoy this much.

Disneyland California

Sea World, Florida

If you desire to enjoy the increasing heart beats with the adventures that you ha never before just enjoy the  floorless roller coaster. Then you can understand that anything and everything is possible in this crazy world. Kraken, is one of the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster rides in Orlando and is a must visit for unadulterated pleasure.

Sea World, Florida

Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

It is the place for the craziest people in the world. One has to visit New Jersey’s great adventurous swampy lands here. Here is an other package of fun fulfillment. It is a true destination of fun lovers. You can enjoy the occurrence of tigers in a 350 acre safari. You will have vast number of choices and it will be amazing for you to know that there are so many things you not miss any time.

Universal studios, California

The universal studio in California is a true place to be if one a movie addict and  keen to know how the epics were made.  However, it is little expensive but one can find that the money that has spent is worth. An experience that is first and last that you have in your life time.

Universal studios  California

Six Flags Magic mountain, California

Here we go for another magic. The people who have already visited this park can ignore but the good news for them is the park has added three more rides recently. These are deju vu, goliath and X. The new parks have really motivating attractions. Yeah, then hang on to these magical channels of the six flags mountain in California.Busch Gardens, Florida

Busch Gardens, Florida

The definition of Florida is not all about Atlantic coast. They have some wonderful things to enjoy. This fun making park, the Busch Gardens can tone up your day with extra fun and excitements. Take pleasure in the wild life feel the natural mountains and plantations.  There are   also some newly introduced rhino rallies too to have every bit of the trip here.

Cedar point, Sandusky, Ohio

If you want to initiate another meaning of enjoyment log on to cedar point in Ohio. A visit that will show you the real full form of excitements and fun. Amm, thinking of entertainment and enjoyment, may be you first start with Disneyland but Cedar point will provide you another side of the story. Visit the power tower that hangs you down from 24 stories in the sky up to 240 feet up towards the earth, now doesn’t that sound really interesting stuff?

Well places that you visit in a special break that should be more than special for you. So discover a new trip theses wonderlands is North America and get a new you in you. Check it at list once  and get a fresh theme of life.

Cedar point

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