New Zealand Comprising Of Beautiful Wonders (worth seeing)

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White Island:

White Island - Active Volcano, Bay of PlentyIt is an active volcano which is name by Captain Cook who always thought it to be covered with white clouds and therefore it got its name as ‘White Island’. It is located at the Bay of Plenty which is headed toward the north of the island. This island was also a location for sulfur mining which resulted in a great disaster because of a massive volcanic eruption. To visit this place helicopter and boat trips are available which leave daily from Whakatane.

Milford Sound:

new_zealand_milford_sound It’s a fjord where number of boat tour operations takes place which are operated from Harbor. Many trips are made to this wonderful place which leaves from Queenstown as it is nearest to Milford. Milford is also famous for hiking and tracking and is most popular around the world. It has limitations for the hikers that are not more than 40 per day. Visiting this place during rainy days you can get the most beautiful site of number of waterfalls running on the walls of sounds making this place heavenly.

Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers:

new_zealand_fox_franz_joseph_glaciers These are the only present glaciers on the Pacific which ends at the tropical forests. You can walk along these beautiful glaciers but not very close to it as it always pose a danger of falling ice which can be dangerous for your lives. These are the only glaciers which are advancing since 1980’s.

Poor Knights Islands:

new_zealand_poor_knights_islands It is known for one of the 10 best dive locations in the world and is named by Jacques Cousteau. These islands are located north end of the North Island shows the exclusive geographical features of New Zealand as you dive through it to the Poor Kinights to the glaciers. To experience it adequately visit it from Whangarei or Tutukaka which is on north of Auckland. This beautiful island is protected by marine reserves and a place worth seeing.


new-zealand-near-rotorua1 It is an area where nature’s warmth can be experienced, meaning that it consists of geysers and geothermal spas which can be experienced by us. You can also find boiling mud and pools of scalding water in the parks of this area. You can also make it out when you are coming close to this area because of the dominance of sulphur smell which is very much prevalent here. It is a place of geothermal attractions as well as water sports and you can visit it by driving from Auckland.

Tongariro National Park:

new_zealand-tongariro-national-park This national park is not only a home of various beautiful landscapes but also a home of three active volcanoes which are named as Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro. This park has most exclusive with consisting of spectacular and fascinating natural features.It is also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tongariro track is also known for hiking destinations for backpackers. It also consists of the one of the most extravagant ski slopes in the country. It is a place to be visited to experience the adventures and thrills which it offers.

All Blacks:

new-zealand-all-black-logo It is a sports team of New Zealand which is only associated with a single country. New Zealand is popularly known for its sport i.e. Rugby. All Blacks are New Zealand’s national rugby union team which is being played since 100 years. It originated its name from a typo in a British newspaper which wanted to change the name of Kiwis to All Blacks. They are famous for a traditional dance known as haka which is known as a Maori War dance which they perform before starting of the match. Though they always ranked near top of the world’s ranking but could win only a single world cup.
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