Nazca Lines

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At first look you will have many questions in you mind.

  • Are they work for an ancient religion?
  • Did the aliens from outer space make them?
  • Was there a civilization on earth before the humans walked the planet?

Well that is what these gigantic sketches drawn in the Nazca desert of western Peru and are known as Nazca Lines. The sketches number in hundreds and depict hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks or orcas, llamas, and lizards. During 200 BC and 700 AD an ancient pre-Inca civilization existed in the region and it is considered that the Nazca Lines were made by them. It is believed that this was a way they thought of communicating with the havens as the gods in the sky would be able to see them. The largest of these figures is over 270 meters longs. The total area encompassing the lines is over 500 square kilometers.

nazca lines

The plateau has dry, windless, stable climate which has helped in preserving the lines over the centuries. The lines are nothing but shallow designs in the ground and have been created by removing the reddish pebbles which cover the surrounding landscape due to which the whitish earth underneath has been revealed. It is believed that these lines were created over the generations.

nazca lines

Archiologist have uncovered Cahuach, the lost city of the line builders and it is believed that it existed some 2000 years ago. The city was a place of pilgrimage and a ceremonial centre. Archeologists have also uncovered a number of mummies deriving a theory that it could have been a burial location for the Nazca people where they achieved immortality.

nazca line monkey

At times Nazca lines are also considered as one of the greatest archaeological puzzles in the world. The best way to reach Nazca is by taking a over night bus from Lima to Nazca. Lima is the capital of Peru and is well connected by other international destinations by regular flights. The airport at Nazca provides options to visitors to either go for a flight over the Lines or take a hot air balloon and normal flights last between 40 minutes to an hour.

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  1. alex joseph says:

    can nazca lines be a message depicting the end of the world or could it be a message given by god to Moses

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