Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 6

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The serene, miniature Italian islands of Levanzo and Marettimo, off the coast of Sicily, with their easy access, crystal-clear blue hued waters, rich ecological and architectural uniqueness, primeval cultures and breathtaking views of mountain terrain and landscapes, all conjugate to make this duo the key tourist attractions.

isola di levanzo levanzo

Levanzo is the island’s most calm village with low-razed white cottages, the majestic Cala Dogana habour dotted with several ships and pleasant lush vegetation. Its depths are affluent in various archeological remnants dating back to the Punic and Roman era. The copious caverns, the Grotto del Genovese, being the most famed of them, touches heights of up to 100ft above the west coast. The primordial age rock carvings and depictions of human and plant forms have been found to date back to as far as 15,000 years ago.

Those who enjoy trekking and feeling close to nature will surely enjoy their trip up the Cala Tramontana and Cala Case. One can set sail from Cala Dogana to explore the exciting underwater caves of Pizzo del Monaco or be enthralled by rocky vistas made by the grottos. Most of the grottos can be accessed by foot or by taking a boat ride. As one orbits through the island to the south, one is taken aback by the pristine sights of Cala Calcara and P.ta Altarella.


The island of Marettimo, situated between Trapani, Favignana and Capo Bon, is the most primeval island in Egadi. It is an underwater explorer’s ideal haven with rich water beds and thrilling caves. The fabulous mountain terrains are a botanical extravaganza with amazing array of plant life. As one sets sail northwards, one will come across the unique, innate rock formations that mimic the shape of a camel called the Grotta del Cammello or the Camel Cave. On proceeding further comes the Cala Mione where the sea becomes treacherous. One then comes across the Grotto del Tuono or the Thunder cave which bears its name due to the intense sounds created due to the wave battering the cave interiors. Be enthralled by the green marble caves, the impressive stalagmite and figurine formations in Grotta del Presepio and the fascinating Grotta Bombarda and Grotta Berciata.


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