Mystery Islands Of Italy – Part 5

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Picturesquely located in Italy’s southern province is the quaint island of Lampedusa, amidst Malta and Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the largest islands in Pelagie, inclusive of Linosa and Lampione, Lampedusa is geographically closer to Africa than Italy. Linosa is a volcanic island located in the southern Mediterranean Sea formed due to the result of three volcanic eruptions reaching heights of above 100 mtrs, evident in the Monte Rosso, Monte Vulcano and Monte Nero where one can view the shape of their craters on these mountain tops. Linosa has a rocky coastline and a tiny beach at Cala Pozzolana di Ponente unique for its black coloured sands and turtle breeding site.

Lampedusa with its vast expenses of levelled limestone raised areas concluding in a succession of spectacular crags, cerulean waters, and impetuous inlets covering majestic sandy beaches, leaves an unforgettable impact on one’s soul.

lampedusa - Mystery Islands Of Italy

Lampedusa is truly an underwater diver’s rapture with sea bed bustling with an array of life forms, the colored parrot-fish, the posidonia- an aquatic plant that lends a sharp green hue to the sea base, and the delectable lobster to site a few. The key livelihood in Lampedusa is sponge, sardine fishing and tourism.

A marvellous lighthouse, the Capo Grecale can be viewed from distances of up to 60 miles away where one can sample the pretty views of the coastal scenery.

Lampedusa is the sole village here, where one can indulge in fun activities on the main Roma street, or board one of the boats on the island to explore the sea views, visit the imposing Tabacarra alcove with its pristine blue hued waters or tunnel through the exciting caves in the northern shore.

Notable structures of the Sacramento Cliff where one can revel in the Baia della Madonnina, an innate rock formation that reminds one of the Virgin Mary or simply brace the wonders of mother nature atop the highest point on Lampedusa, the Albero Sole, also called the sun tree, where a wooden crucifix is conserved in a circular structure. The Madonna di Porto Salvo is small primeval holy place encased by lush vegetation.

The Baia dell’Isola dei Conigli, also called the Rabbit Island Bay, is one of the finest beach islands with its soft sands, majestic views of the sea cliffs , clear blue waters and home to the unique animals like the Caretta-Caretta turtle and the striped lizard , the psammodromus algarus, which breed on this beach.

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