Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 4

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Ischia is the densely populated, largest islands in the Gulf of Naples, in Italy. It has six towns, the main ones being Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte, the centre that rose under the Aragonese Castle which bears historical significance. Other key sites are the Casina Reale ( King’s House) which is the seat of the Italian Republic Army, the oriental styled villa ‘La Pagoda’, the Bourbon harbour with its  church of Our Lady of Safe Harbour. Thermal Baths, pine plantations and gorgeous seashores all combine to make this place truly memorable.

The shoreline centre of Casamicciola Terme offers splendid views of the encircling lush green, hilly terrain which were at one time volcanic craters and productive grounds of larval activity. Atop the majestic Sentinella, one can view breathtaking, scenic sights. Worth visiting places are the Bourbonic Geophysical Observatory, the Pio Monte della Misericordia, which is the redeveloped version of the premier thermal spas and several churches of primeval origin.


Forio constitutes the extreme limit of Ischia, is a key tourist hot-bed for its much eulogized thermal basins, the fountains of Citara, being the most famed one. This congregation centre for arts and literary inclined has the most revered church of Our Lady of Aid, the Big Tower, the Monterone Hill and ever stretching splendid beaches Chaia and St.Francis. There are numerous marvellous villas that line area of Forio and a miniature garden housing several unique plant species, the Noah’s Ark for flowers. There is a quaint, hilly settlement of Panza which houses the unique Farmer’s Museum and the miniature bay of Sorgeto with a thermal fountain that surges into the nearby sea.

A trekker’s paradise, from atop the Monte Epomeo, the highest point in Ischia, one can enjoy a 360 degree view of the entire Gulf of Naples and the nearby Phlaegrean fields. Communities of Serrara-Fontana and Barona, which were relatively untracked by tourists earlier, lend an old world charm. Barona proffers astounding views of the seas and hilly areas and has an amazing array of famed, antique thermal fountains of Olmitello. One can find narrow valleys unearthed by the wearing away caused by stream water forming caves that lead to the awesome Maronti beach. One can find several thermal springs and fountains, the most significant ones are the Cava Scura, Cava Pallarito to site a few.

The famed Fungo, a mushroom shaped tufa cliff rising meters high above the sea resulting due to the eruption of Mount Epomeo, is the key symbol, of Lacco Ameno, the north-west corner of Ischia. Other significant remnants are the centre of Lacco, the seat of Greek colony and the Nestor’s Cup, a famous archaeological catch.

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