Mystery Islands of Italy – Part 3

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The most impressive and significant sea bottoms of Italy are the Giglio and Giannutri, two southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. To reach here, one can board the boat or ferry service from the bustling fishing town of Porto Stefano.

giglioThe Giglio island, a sandstone mass projecting above the sea, with its rock-strewn landscape, serrated shorelines, majestic sandy fjords, encapsulating clear, pea green waters and Technicolor sea beds make it the ideal destination. The Giglio Porto has vast stretches of pine plantation and vineyards that make delectable and extremely popular ‘Ansonaco’ wine. From Giglio Porto, one can board the local bus service up taking one to the mountain top fortress town of Giglio Castello, an unmarred primeval town with tapered, snaking streets, abrupt stone cut stairs and tall towering walls. One can find significant remnants of weaponry retrieved after the bloodbath of the 17th century battle between the locals and the pirates, conserved in the San Giorgio church.

Giannutri is the unpopulated, southernmost, sickle shaped island in the Tuscan Archipelago, which is barely 500mtrs large and about 5 kms long. An invigorating whiff of pine trees, mint and fennel overpowers one as one comes to the shore. It is a deep-sea diver’s paradise, with sea bed abounding in precious underwater forms, grottos, falaises, Poseidonia paddocks and the remnants of the famed Anna Bianca ship that sank here. There are basically two miniature islands of Cala dello Spalmatoio, situated on the north-eastern side and the Cala Maestra, situated on the north-western side of the Giannutri island. One can access the famed ruins of the splendid Roman villa, Villa Domizia Enobarbi, built atop a hill, from these ports.

giannutriGiannutri is an innate place with unapproachable rock formations. It is a marina park which is under strict scrutiny by the authorities to retain its pristine, intrinsic beauty. The high rise of the Capel Rosso, lend commanding views of the sea. The place of noteworthy interest for its countless caves that give way along the coast, the Gala dei Grottini seems to be the most eminent of them all, but unfortunately closed for public viewing.

Giannutri has a thriving population of seagulls which becomes evident in the breeding season in spring time, when the most thrilling yearly event take place in Giannutri which attracts many a tourists here who come to witness the spell bounding sights of mass nest making in progress.

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