My Royal tour to London part I

Amazing Europe | | May 6, 2011 at 12:40 am


I started my travel to London to refresh my mood after spending a year as hermitage. My job gave me the opportunity to work from home sand I took the privilege for almost a year long until I found it stodgy. I set my plans to visit London and come back home with the experience of a life time. Early in the morning I landed in the Heathrow Airport and set for collecting my baggage from the tire. While waiting for my luggage I was just wondering the places that I have planned to see when I realized that I am standing in a popular place right at this moment and should look around once. Heathrow Airport never sleeps like the rest of the major airports in the world but is popular for the passengers it serves and the worldwide destinations it serves. As far as my eyes were going I found the airport as a conglomeration of different races and clans as people of almost all regions are busy wiggling around.

Soon I left for my place as I decided to stay in medium class hotel within the city of London. My trip started the next day I was hard up for forty winks because of jet lag. The next day I left after my breakfast and decided to catch Glimpse of the Buckingham Palace. The fees to enter the palace were truly exorbitant but once I entered I realized why tourists don’t mind paying a few pounds. I paraded with the rest of the visitors toward to view the royal pageantry. Though I didn’t get the scope to peek into the royal residence, yet for a while I imagined myself to be royal guest. The huge rooms with sky high ceilings and behemoth portraits was shock at first, but soon I accustomed as I engrossed more into the centuries old artifacts on display.

The very next day was driving to the Tower Hill fortress which is infamous for the execution of the royal members. The fortress has an eerie past where we find blood shed and severing of head. The fortress today houses some of the priceless royal jewelries and armories. The place Tower Hall is filled with surprises and the sprawling area took off my whole day without notice. The entire sight took an hour to complete whilst I stooped at every single point, where the guide had a history to say. But most of the history was of execution or murder. I went near the places identified as torture centers and royal menagerie. It was interesting to hear the tales of royal ghost in the tower as people at various occasions have seen specters of royal soul in the premises.

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