Mountaineering in Ladakh

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This heavenly land in the northern part of India ensconced in the virgin surrounding of the Himalayas offers the ideal travel pleasures and the most memorable travel luxuries. Also called the “Little Tibet”, this has a picturesque landscape which is magnificent and extremely beautiful. The Ladakh range starts from the place where there is a confluence of the Indus and the Shyok. This is also the place where the Zanskar and the Indus Valley has a demarcating line. Ladakh has two main districts – Kargil and Leh. Leh is divided further into the Nubra Valley, the Indus Valley, the Markha Valley and the Shyok Valley.

Today Ladakh is a much preferred destination spot for all the adventure lovers and those who love to have fun, excitement, and thrill in their life. Today the tourists across the world come to Ladakh as there is no special permission to enter this city. With the most amazing scenes, and the most magnificent Gompa, Ladakh is a land with a lot of snow clad beauties and immense travel pleasures. With the colourful Tibetan culture dominating the place, Ladakh is a perfect place for activities like mountaineering.

Mountaineering in Ladakh

Mountaineering in Ladakh has been a thrill for many tourists visiting this part of the world. So enjoy this unforgettable experience and get to see the best of everything that your travel could afford. So get to see the majestic hill stops, the lovely snow clad mountains, the small patches of green, and the amazing old gompas. With the most ancient of places to visit and the absolutely old walls which make up the region, Ladakh is a great tourist destination for all those who want to be totally charged up in their tours.

Mountaineering in Ladakh
There are many who undertake this adventurous sport here in the land of Ladakh. Normally there are tours which arrange for all facilities like the food arrangements, the porters, the transport, the base camp facilities etc all that are required to follow the activity of mountaineering. So get the best experience of being in a place where you would vie to be at par with the rest of the enthusiasts.

The Stok Kangri Expedition

The Stok Kangri Expedition is a graceful 6153 metres mountain peak which is a great place for all those who want to experience the thrill of climbing up a mountain. A great favourite of all mountaineers, this is a challenging but feasible endeavor here in this part of Ladakh. There are special programmes with treks also a part of the expedition. Tourists can choose from their interests and undertake a trek of their choice.

Stok Kangri Climbing
Then there are the other peaks like the Matho West at a height of around 5950m, the Gulap Khangri at a height of 5,900m, the kantak at 5,275m and the Konglacha peak at 6,700 m which are preferred mountaineering spots here.

The best time to climb up is in the months of Mid May to Mid October and also from June to September. This is the time, Ladakh doesn’t have rains. There are foreign expedition tourists who come here and enjoy the benefits of experiencing mountaineering in Ladakh. For the foreign tourists there are special charges for booking the peak. There is also a Liason Officer who is there for each mountaineering team. Applications are processed in six months and all the expeditions have their respective rescue teams who are a standby for any disaster or accident that could happen.

Mountaineering is a sport that gives the maximum thrill and excitement. Such experiences and more form the beauty of participating in such sports. Ladakh is the ideal place where you can get the benefits of enjoying such sports.

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