Monte Corona: Lanzarote’s best hiking destination

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Regarded now as extinct, the Monte Corona is among the highest volcanoes in Lanzarote soaring as high as 605 m. It is nestled on the famous Canary Island and is close to the hamlet of Ye. Dominating the island’s northern part, the volcano will surely draw your attention from any corner. This exactly shaped volcano cone has erupted lava to such a extent that it met the sea and formed two most stunning geological highlights namely, the Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de los Verdes – the tunnels of which the former was transformed into a museum by late Lanzarotenian artist Cesar Manrique, whereas several-storeyed Cuevas de los Verdes is still intact with their natural state.

If you are planning for Lanzarote walking trip, it is just not viable to miss Monte Corona – a giant wonder at the north end overlooking Órzola. I would suggest you to park your vehicle at the church that is the hamlet of Ye and then stroll via the picon fields adorned with almond trees as well as old vines until you come at the beginning point of the gradual climb. For this bit strenuous hiking, there exists a path on the northeast slope, which is today blooming with a myriad of wild flowers and is also marked by stones on sides. This path halts on a broad outcrop or the north crater rim that looks over the plunge in the centre – a profound red color terrain contrastingly adorned with the bright green plants on the sides. From this rim, a few tracks can take you inside the impressive crater. Inside, the near-vertical walls will surround you, which glow in several reddish colors.

It is not recommended to ascend the chasm until the peak, so do not even think of doing so. The crater’s western outside zone, although prohibited, can be ascended, but ensure that nobody spots you. This area is protected by the statutes of the Parque Natural de la Corona. Once you have ascended the steep slabs of the crater, you end up on the tremendously overhanging edge to the summit.

When I walked, it was actually not a clear sunny day. Despite this fact, I was lucky enough to enjoy the superb vistas including a panoramic view of Orzola, the North coast; Mirador del Rio; and Ye. As you hike, you will agree that Monte Corona is worth its name. I then strolled to the left of the volcano where another path starts for descending into the Ye village. However, I recommend taking this path only if you are fit and brave enough as it is very steep and contains many loose rocks.

Among the total of five volcanic mountains in the neighborhood, Monte Corona is the highest. However, its north-west crater is unique as compared to the other craters in terms of the interior and edge that are quite wild. With unbelievable quantities of lava and other materials, the volcano has also formed the farming lands in the south-east, wide plains. So, after trekking, exploring these fields along with the two tunnels is quite enjoyable. One more attraction is in the east as Malpais de la Corona – a barrenly big zone. ‘Malpais’ stands for ‘bad country’ and this is very evident if you explore it completely. However, do so with utmost care as the lava is quite fragile to break quickly as you step. Even more worse is the fact that the roofs of the extensive tunnel systems can crumble at any point of time.

Best time to hike

Spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Reaching here

Plane and ferries are the two ways to reach here. However, ferries from the Spanish territory take more than a day to reach the Canary Islands. So, a flight is much preferred via a travel agency in Europe, which also takes care of hotel rooms and rental cars. Come in summer as the flight fares are affordable, otherwise, it is at 500€ per person. Once you are on the islands, you can catch a bus or take a car on rent from the Lanzarote airport.

From the capital Arrecife, follow the route LZ1 to Arrieta and then LZ201 in north that takes one towards the crater. Now, pass the east side of the volcano until a crossing at the Ye’s entrance. Park the vehicle near the small church and start strolling.

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