Meditation Camp at BrahmaKumaris, Mt. Abu – Day 5

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Just last 2 days left here and I was a little nervous and excited too, as we were all set to explore the heavenly natural environment of this holy hill station. I used the word holy especially, because the place has huge historic importance, the kings of ancient times have set up so many temples and places of religious fervor and along with that it has hold atmosphere all over the place because of the serene nature around. As a group we decided to roam and explore the place on our own although the trip was taken out from Brahmakumaris too for sight seeing for the people who had come for the camp. As I wanted to visit more places then they could have, after taking permission from BK pratibha sister, we rented a Scorpio (jeep) for individual exploring.

Dilwara temple
The first we went was Dilwara temple, I mentioned about this place earlier too and I did visit this place on first day itself but I was so mesmerized by its beauty and charm I came here again. After visiting its 5 temples here, we headed for Guru Sikhar (the top most point of the hill station) we didn’t had to climb much but it was quite steep on its steps, within minutes we were at the top overlooking the whole of mountain at 360 degree view angle. Everywhere I could see was just the mountains and greenery over the place, although the green factor has lessened because of scanty or almost no rain like situations, the state of Rajasthan has been declared draught hit by the government here. So the people here are using tank water or bore well water, if you are thinking bore well water is no good then let me tell you the people have been living, drinking and bathing in the same water for centuries and they have been living for 100 of years, you can taste the sweetness in water that quenches your thirst. The wind was blowing over the place and there was a small temple up there and people had queued up there because it was the day of Dussera (its also called as Vijayadashmi, this was the day when lord rama killed Ravana for good ness of people in Lanka). The day is celebrated across the India and any new venture is started on this day for having good luck ahead in life. People eat golden yellow rings which are very sweet dipped in sugar water, its very delicious in taste. After spending nearly over half an hour up there we decided to walk down and head for our next stop.

As we were traveling, our driver Khetaram told us other places to be visited and we just passed by Veer Baba temple, he told us the temple is very famous and people all over the place of rajasthan come here while starting any new venture or so, like in traditional Indian way how people put up lights for god in vessel putting ghee as fuel to run it, the same you can lit a bottle of alcohol and offer to Veer baba and people here say your wishes come true. I don’t know to what extend it stands true but I surely got a belief in this. Later on our way, we reached BK peace park, it’s a huge landscaped area with beautiful plantations and setting all over the place, I could just see trees and flowers all over the place, here we saw meditation video with laser light effect, it continued for 15 minutes in all, out we were again enjoying the lush green garden lawns with trimmed plants. The place was highly maintained and BK people were taking very good care of the place for the fear of getting spoiled. After this we headed for Traver’s Tank, not much people know about this place and less visitors gets to visit this place. It’s a lake side place with forest area around and there are over 6 crocodiles in the lake, although we didn’t get to see the bigger ones, we could see their children crocodiles who were sleeping on the stones across the lake, they must be hardly 30 centimeters in length, they stood there rock solid and nobody would have ever known whether it’s a stone or a real crocodile.

Mount abu
Back to Gyan sarvovar, BK we had our lunch and headed a little down the mountain to visit Pandav Bhavan which was the first branch of BK at mount abu, it was the first international quarters here, the atmosphere was cool and calm with lots of tree plantations all over the place and some places even having flower arrangements. The place is comparatively smaller than the Gyan Sarovar, there are few rooms to stay only for the BK members, it had a huge canteen where we had steaming hot tea and popcorn along to go with. There was also a baba’s room for meditation, we sat there for 15 minutes and experienced inner bliss by talking to him in still ness, I felt so relived and tension free.

Later we went to global hospital run by BK, they had all the treatments going on there, and gave a discount of 60% to all sections of the society and absolutely free treatment for weaker sections of the society, it was really a blessing, they are helping so much poor people in the society. After this we went to visit sunset point and nakki lake which are the famous tourist destination here, we did pedal boat ride and enjoyed the climate as it was cool evening and sun set point was really amazing place to be. We could see the whole red sun at sunset point and people had come in huge numbers to see the sun set, there were no clouds covering the sun and we nearly enjoyed every minute of our time there as it was on the hill top and every where we could see mountain areas and greenery. The vastness of land area, the skies, the mountains and big rocks made me realize that we are so small in front of Mother Nature. It was a blissful reaction and feeling!

Dilwara temple

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