Mannarasala Pilgrim Tales and Pleasures

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Kerala, God’s own country is the best place in the world for a green pilgrimage. Filled with the purity of a green ambience and loaded with the ideal kind of absolutely pure pleasures, this is one land that has the best temples and the most fascinating architecture. Come here and experience the pleasures of being in this land of lovely sights.

Of all the beautiful places, the worship of serpents in Kerala is very famous and popular and Mannarasala is one place that is popular for serpent worship. Very legendry, very benign and very real, Mannarasala is the right place to be in for all the devotees. This is place that has been envisaged by Lord Parasurama, the creator of the state of Kerala.

Mannarasala temple
Many devotees have experienced a lot of miracles here in the land of serpents and have felt the close presence of God here and have felt blessed. There are many stories that govern the temple of Mannarasala in Kerala.

It is a very common thing to see the same serpent come in the same area for many days in the vicinity of the temple. In fact serpents are found here everywhere from the gatehouse to the hedgerows, to the creepers and to the place where the people perform the bhajans.

There is a legend which says how once a yellow serpent came here and danced on the banks of the pond lying near the temple Appoopan Kavu. It carried a very evil snake in the mouth. Then legend has it that it vomited the evil snake and thus spit it out. Then the serpent raised the hood as if to show a lot of revenge or maybe fear. Then the yellow snake swallowed the cobra. It is said that the cobra was released after a lot of chanting. Even today the legends of the Appopan kavu yellow snakes are very famous.

The story of Mannarasala is deeply related to the creator of the state of Kerala, Parasurama. In fact it is said that the story of the evolution of the temple as the place where the serpent are worshipped is closely linked to the creator Parasurama. It is said that Sage Parsuram wanted to atone for the sins caused by killing the Kshatriyas. So he prayed and got a land for himself which he named as Kerala. But the story goes that the soil here was very saline and it was said that only if he gets the blessings of the Snake god by spreading the poison all over the land could the land get purified.  It is said that Parsuram penanced and Lord Nagraj the serpent god came in front of him and granted him the boon of spreading poison all over the sate. Because of this, the present day Kerala got desalinated and had luscious greenery. Thus a temple was installed with the idol of Nagaraja who is believed to be a combination of Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. The place was filled with Mandara trees and thus came to be known as Mannarasala.

Mannarasala temple
The idol in the temple is representative of Vishnuswaroopa or Anantha, and Vasuki the spirit of Lord Siva. So the Nagachamundi, Nagayakshi, and Sarpayakshi were installed here and thus Parasurama brought a lot of happiness to this beautiful land.

It is said that there were a couple Vasudeva and Sree Devi who were childless. They performed a lot of pujas to the Lord Nagraj here and finally bestowed them with a son. Thus the temple of Mandarshala or Mannarsala became the place where childless couples still visit to beget the blessings of Lord Nagraja and get children. It is said that Vasudev and Sreedevi got the five hooded serpent child who is believed to be Lord Nagraja himself. After he finished the aim of his incarnation he went into a cellar. It is believed that even today, the five hooded Nagraj lives here. He is called Muttachan or grandfather. It is said that Ayilyam star in the Malayalam month of Kanni is the birthday of this great serpent. So this is a very important festival in the temple of Mannarasala.

There are many more tales to relate to Mannarsala and the list is endless. Visit this serene and powerful temple in Kerela and rekindle the light of divinity.

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