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downtown_losangeleslrgLos Angeles is the largest city in California and has attained its name as the centre of technology, performing arts and trade. It is also home to many interesting and amazing places and hence tourists all over the world flock to Los Angeles for business and pleasure. This city is like a magnet that pulls in crowds from world over; there are always tourists some after the glitterati and most with kids for outright enjoyment for a lifetime.

Located in the close vicinity of this city, the Walt Disney World is worth a visit during your trip to America.  Six Flags Magic Mountain is another theme park which is situated in Valencia which features more than 100 rides. The Knott Berry Farm in Buena Park features the Old West atmosphere including live performances, amusing rides and shopping.

For people who wish to escape the tourist crowds in the city center frequently visit the beaches on the north and south of Los Angeles. You can spend your time just relaxing at the beautiful beaches or engage yourself in any of the beach matches; optionally you can enjoy watching street performers and be mesmerized by the sight of hard muscles and captivating personalities roving within the locale.

Griffith Park situated on the Hollywood border is another notable place which offers recreational conveniences, natural sceneries, and lots of remarkable attractions.

You can also have a visit Hollywood to have a glimpse of the famous handprints and shoe prints of Hollywood legendary celebrities in the courtyard of the Chinese Theater. The world renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame is another major attraction that remains constantly appealing to sightseers. Many film premiers are also held here.

The Getty Museum is a must visit place for all art lovers. It is famous for the exquisite art collections showcased in this modern hilltop castle.

The Los Angeles central library with more than six million books is the world’s largest public funded library. This library offers a visible sight to pedestrians with its architectural excellence.

Los Angeles is also famous for its night life; the city does not sleep here. To view the night life at Los Angeles you can visit the night time hot spots like  Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sun-set Strip, Disney Hall; etc Los Angles is a place where all nights are celebrated and all money are to be flaunted.

When you visit Los Angeles you will be thrilled and delighted with the huge number of places to see and things to do in the area. This city is indeed the perfect place where you can truly feel the essence of The American Dream.

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