London Dungeon: Where death is near you

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Until now, you must have visited many haunted houses. In these creepy homes, you would have actually made a journey amidst the terrible-looking masked faces as well as skeletons that would appear to you suddenly at any point of time. Some shaking grounds, blinking red lights, murky rooms, and bloodshed – all this might have made you frightened to a considerable extent. But, the real challenge for all those creepy lovers is to explore this London Dungeon at the Tooley Street. This is where historical ghosts will take you on a tour of death. Come here if you are not faint-hearted to experience the horror of the Medieval Age and witness your death in no time via the torture instilled by the live actors, rides, and technical effects. Overall, it is a thrilling voyage that makes you encounter with the different spine chilling scenes reflecting the violent historical days reenacted in a sadly comedic style.

Starting the deadly trip

In this highly themed interior, the show area gives one an illusion of a pillaged medieval town in which you will come across the flame effects, static vistas of suffering, and ringing bells. It is only this beginning zone that is without any actor, character, or media. The first zone of your thrill is the Labyrinth of the Lost in which a huge mirror maze flanks the vault of the All Hallows Church of London. There will be a live play actor who will reveal the information about the crypt. Then, you come across a maze to wander at observing your own reflections. With the jumping out actors until you come out, you are leaded to enter the next thrilling room of the Great Plague.

The Great Plague shows off the Plague spread in London in 1665 during which thousands died in pain. This is perfectly themed with the cries of panic and pain along with the filthy smells. After this, a secret treatment room is seen in which different ways of healing are revealed. Here, you will see the actors who are actually the death collectors and wander carrying the decaying bodies. Then, at last, a doctor is shown as ridiculously operating on a dead body.

You now enter the Surgery: Blood and Guts room that is thronged with the corpses, body parts, pussed bandages, and bloody surgical tools all amidst a miserable, dark, and risky ambience. In this room of heavily themed surgery, some of the people from the audience will be made to be on the chair for observing the cuts and surgeries of the surgeon as per a recorded soundtrack. To mark the end of the show, a curtain pulled off after which lights go off and a screaming voice jerks the spectators.

Next, it is the time of the Judgement show that reflects an 18th century Courtroom wherein you are given a death sentence for witty crimes. After this, to fulfill the death sentence, you are taken to the show – Traitor: Boat Ride to Hell that is an execution room. However, it is a genuine boat ride theme representing the final journey of you as a criminal though the Traitors’ Gate to the Tower of London. Embracing a few sudden loud noises, the ride runs in darkness, rotates by 90 degrees, and ascends after the Traitors’ Gate. Thanks to these amusements that protect you from death!

Now, you will come across a pastry shop of Mrs. Lovett wherein the lady with same name welcomes you. Next, meet the ghost in the Sweeney Todd’s barber shop full of seats. As per a legend, Sweeney Todd was from the 18th century and was a barber who cut the throats of the guests via the razors. The obtained carcasses were then given to Mrs. Lovett for forming giant pies. At the front, a chair layered with a bloody mock-up of a cut throat is scary. You will be probably on a moving chair where you will experience Sweeney Todd right behind you to have a close shave. However, this is a pure illusion due to special effects. Suddenly, this chair of yours is taken back as if you are falling into a crypt – the main thing that Todd used to do with his victims. Now, the tragedy is that there was no Sweeny Todd, but the London Dungeon claims that this is based on the historical facts.

The Great Fire of London scene represents the fire of 1666 wherein the several parts of London were set ablaze in the Pudding Lane. Here, a 17th century courtyard will show a short film by Tom Baker after which suddenly, the fire seizes the area. Watch the burning houses and escape via a London Street. This effect of fire comes in when the various curtains blow in red and red as well as yellow lit revolving tunnel via which you will pass for escape.

Lastly, the Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom reflecting the death sentence of the judge will take you out from a prison and will make you be on a seat that rises on its own until the summit of the London Dungeon. From here, you can enjoy the replicated judges and an executioner who is speaking about the criminal charges of yours. After this, a hangman will drag the gallows lever so that you are suddenly dropped down in dark while the cameras into the walls take your photo. See yourself dying then!

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