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The Legoland Windsor theme park in UK is a complete family entertainment package which is aimed at activating the mind’s eye and ingenuity of the young generation. It has in offing a whooping 50 rides, live running shows, building workshops, lego models in all shapes and sizes, driving schools, fire academy and a lot more, all prettily nuzzled up in the 150 acres wide area. One can hitch a trip atop a dragon in the Dragon Knight’s Castle, hunt for pirate bullion, and valiantly face the pirate falls or become a pro at riding a Lego car.

Miniland has an anthology of key cities and locations globally made totally from Lego bricks, like the Tyne bridge in Newcastle, Cape Canaveral, replica of the Kennedy Space Centre, Wembley Stadium to site a few. Holland which is bursting with boats, canals, motional windmills is all beautifully depicted in motion.

legolandThe heart pumping 90-second ride on the Dragon coaster set in the Knights Kingdom area, suited for young children, can effortlessly scare even adults. The Jungle Coaster- the 16-metre high ride is bound to knock you off your socks. Other kiddie attractions include Cinderella held in the Duplo Theatre, Revenge of the Aztec Queen at the Lego City Harbour, the Bewitching Goldilocks and the endearing Three Bears Puppet Show. The kiddie brigade will simply adore the Imagination centre, Robot making workshops, exciting forest trails, skin-soaking train rides, balloon and boating schools, never-ending mazes, climbing wall and the cute Spining Spider.

The X-Box Gaming Zone in the heart of Lego City is a sure hit among the gaming enthusiasts. The key crowd puller recently is the exemplary piece of art, the towering 16-feet Pharaoh built from nearly 2,00,000 single lego bricks and weighing almost a ton is the core showpiece for the new-fangled lure, the Kingdom of the Pharaohs- an Egyptian themed area.  One is amazed at the live show of Johnny Thunder in the Lego City Harbour where super idol Johnny is seen flinging himself off a towering lighthouse as he fights out the evil guys with thunder blasting laser guided precision in ‘Laser Raiders’.

The young brigade can revel in the ‘Scarab Bouncers’ which has dual Zamperla Jumpin’Star type rides located in the spanky new land. Other new feature includes ‘Bob the Builder and the Roller Coaster’ which features Bob the Builder and his pals assembling a roller coaster with all being invited to enjoy the magnificent ride thereafter. This is the latest addition to already famed line of 4D films like Lego Racers 4D and Spellbreaker 4D.

A must visit is the majestic Vikings’s River Splash and the LongBoat Invader ride at the core of the newly opened ‘Land of the Vikings’. One can continue to enjoy the mazes of rides even after the sun sets and whoop it up under the extravagant LEGO Star Wars fireworks display.

An exciting new entrant, Hamleys- the globally renowned toy store’s mini facsimile in the Miniland area made from 7,500 single lego bricks. Miniland is a superlative viewing extravaganza spanning 330 square metres built from a mammoth 13 million lego bricks having look-alikes of the London skyline like Big Ben, Millenium Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge to site a few.

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    There are many amazing themes parks to visit in the UK! I think that Alton Towers is also a world-class theme park which is worth to see.

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