Ladakh Monastery Trek

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Ladakh the land of surprises, pleasures and travel ecstasies gives you some of the best experiences with the Ladakh Monastery trek.  With a view to introduce the tourist to some of the best monasteries around, this trek starts at  Delhi and takes you round a tour of Ladakh first. See the Gompa and the other monasteries here which give you the perfect feel of being in a lovely land of excitement and joy.

Ladakh Monastery Trek
After a brief tour of the monasteries and the palaces in the Indus valley, the trek proceeds to the Lamayuru Gompa which is a place that is full of legends and myths about this place. Cross the Prinkiti La which is around 3700 metres to the Wanlah village. There is a beautiful Gompa here. There is a stay overnight here and then the next day you would cross the beautiful gorges that are so much a part of this lovely land. These gorges with their pastures provide great eye catching delights and it is amazingly beautiful to see this picturesque surrounding which lies beyond the Hindu village.

The next day you would cross the Konzke La which is a pass here at a height of around 4900metres. The absolutely breathtaking view here is lovely and the trek then heads towards the Sumda Chenmo village.

Here there is again a stay overnight and then the trek crosses the village which has two gompas. One of the gompas is active and the other is in ruins. Here the trekkers halt and camp for the night.

The following day the trek moves towards the lovely verdant stretch of Lanak. Here the whole surrounding looks straight out of a picture calendar as the entire scene is beautiful and resplendent in its natural beauty. Here is where one spots the Bharal which is the rare and the elusive sheep that is there in this part of the world. These are found on the nearby cliffs.

The next day go to Dundunchen la which is at a height of around 4800 metres . The climb up the peak is very strenuous, and it provides a beautiful view of the Zanskar ranges and the Stok ranges. The trek then takes you to Chilling which is the end destination. Here one boards the rafts on the River Zanskar . Ride on these waters and feel the pleasure of the sight of the confluence of the Nimu and the Zanskar at a place called Nimu. Then you can stay over at the Alchi village.

Zanskar ranges
Here at Alchi there are gompas and the sight seeing tour around these gompas totally take you to a different land. Then you could return to Leh by jeep and bask in the feeling of a lovely trek experience.

In Ladakh, the monasteries are a centre of religious, economic and social functions. These are living examples of existing culture and tradition and they look resplendent in the background of the mountains and various gompas here. These gompas lie on the trading routes that stretch from Ladakh to Tibet . The regions of Hemis, Alchi, Thiksay, Karsha, Ringdom and Lamayuru are all areas of great monasteries. These gompas with their intriguing kind of architecture, has halls of the main prayer hall is very huge and is the most preferred. This Gompa has many dwelling cells, a courtyard and a large library normally and is the venue where the dance and many other performances are done.

Monasteries, adventure, trekking and thrill have always been the mainstay of Ladakh tours.

Enjoying the Ladakh monastery trek constitutes a major part of Ladakh tours.

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