Ladakh Jeep Safari

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When in Ladakh, be in the land of snowy pleasures and travel excitement, then take part in the Ladakh Jeep Safari. Travel down to the Nubra Valley which lies north of Leh, where you would surely enjoy the pleasures of being in a stunning land of absolute ecstasy. This place is accessed by the highest motorable road in the world. As you cross the kardung la here which is the best region in Ladakh, get the ideal views of the Saser Spur, which is the easternmost part of the Karakoram and the Zanskar range. These are the principal chains of the Himalayas in India.

As we come to the picturesque valley and enjoy the ambience here be prepared for some of the best experiences ever in this part of the world. This valley has a more pleasant climate than the colder regions of Ladakh and has been the zone for the caravan trade that exists here.

Ladakh Jeep Safari

Panamik is the last village in this region and it is a calm and quiet village today. It was earlier a busy centre The caravans in those days used to take the route where you would cross the Karakoram ranges and the Kun Lun on the way to kashgar, yarkand and other regions of the Turkestan in the Chinese region.

Here you can find today, a small group of Bactrian camels which are the double humped animals which were used in the olden days as pack animals.

A Ladakh jeep safari normally starts from the city of Leh and after going round the city and seeing the places like the Sangkar Gompa, and the Sangkar Gompa and the Shanti Stupa are some good places you can see here.

Ladakh Jeep Safari

See the monasteries here like the Hemis, Thikse and Shey which are famous monasteries. Then visist the Alchi Gompa and the Likir Gompa the next day.

The Lamayuru Gompa is another monastery that you can visit. Then after visiting this place go to Leh and visit the bazgo Gompa. The safari then takes you to the Nubra Valley which would take you to cross Khardong La which is the highest pass of the region which looks magnificent at a height of 5602 m.

Samstaling Gompa is another place you could visit here in the land of Ladakh the ultimate hub of travel and adventure. This fascinating monastery in the Nubra Valley is a lovely spot to go to and you would totally love the sights and the experiences that you would get here.

Samstaling Gompa

Enjoy the shopping here which would expose you to the best kinds stuff here and this is where you would want to come if you want to experience the tradition and culture of this land Ladakh. The jeep safari would surely be a great adventurous experience which would give you the best travel luxuries and the ideal travel memories.

You also have the Delhi Shimla Ladakh Jeep Safari which takes you around the entire place giving you best sights of the regions that are within the two cities. See the Moghul Empire, Qutub Minar, the Rajpath, the Jama Masjid, and many other sights that so much make up a part of the Ladakh Jeep Safari.

There are two temples which are very famous in Shimla the Mata Tara Devi and Lord Shiva. The Ladakh jeep safari in Delhi Shimla route is an exciting experience and takes you into a land of paradise, and fun and thrill.

Mata Tara Devi Mandir

If ever you wanted to experience the best pleasures of jeep safaris then do go on a Ladakh jeep safari and experience the best travel luxuries.

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