Ladakh adventure with Tsomoriri Lake and Parang la trek

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Have the ideal Ladakh adventure in one of those exciting and thrilling Ladakh tours. Have the best escapades in the recently opened Tsomoriri Lake Trek. This has been open to foreigner due to its location near the Chinese border. The Changthang is a region of extremely dense forests and irresistible landscapes. With remote beautiful villages, arid plain regions, and lovely snow clad peaks, the lovely zone is dotted with magnificent azure blue lakes and the Tsomoriri is one of these lovely water bodies and is the largest at a height of around 4500 m. This region is a place that can be accessed only in the months of summer and is dominated by the nomadic yak and goat herders the Changpas. These herders come from Tibet and roam in this area after coming through the mountain passes.

Ladakh adventure

The trek here takes you to these passes and also to the summer settlements of the Changpas. Experience the best human culture in this part of the world and feel the difference it has from our fast paced life. Then you would continue southward towards Spiti, then finally reach the Tsomoriri Lake. With the most fascinating scenery and the best sights of the snow clad mountains in the far distance the trek culminates at a place called Tabo which is also famous for the monastery.

Tsomoriri Lake Ladakh

Any trek in Ladakh starts with going on a sightseeing tour of the Leh reign. So after seeing the Stok royale palace, the Tibetan camp of Choglamsar, and the Spitok monastery, the trekkers get geared with the climate of the Khardong La and the surrounding regions.

The following day you would reach Rumtse by taxi from Leh and then trek to Kyamar which is at a height of 4420m. Then there is a halt at Hemis where you would see the monastery the largest Ladakh construction and then continue to Rumtse for the trek to begin. The Changpas region is enchanting and beautiful and then you reach the Kyamar valley along the ancient salt.

Ladakh adventure

After halting here, the following day, this Ladakh adventure takes you to a beautiful gorge called the Chorten Sumda. This walk of an hour is exhilarating and the climb up to the Kumur la is even more adventurous. Then the finale is the beautiful view that one gets from here of the entire Indus Valley and the Kangyatse.

The next day sees you heading towards the Tsokhar Lake which is at a height of around 4400m. Then you reach the Rupshu valley and take a descent down towards the lake where the nomads collect salt. Here is where the trekkers would camp with the local Chanthang nomads.

Tsokhar Lake

The next day the trek continues on an easier path along the lake with the sight of many birds to enter the Nuruchan village. From Nuruchan the next day you would climb a high altitude road which crosses two passes at a height of around 4900m.

Then the trek continues the following day to the Korzok where the Korzok monastery is a great attraction in Ladakh adventure.

Korzok Monastery, Ladakh

The trail goes up for some time after the river is crossed and you reach the Parang Chu Valley from where you descend the following day to the right bank of the river. After a halt here, the next day you would cross  a narrow gorge which takes you to the Parang glacier and finally you reach the Parang  la. After crossing Parang Chu, then Jugstok, Kiber, you finally reach Tabo from where you take a taxi back.

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