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The dazzling “Little Tibet” of India, Ladakh is a region of ultimate excitement and thrill. Situated amidst the pristine background of the mighty Himalayas, Ladakh is a dream destination for all adventure travelers. Leh and Kargil are the two main Ladakh districts and Leh is further inclusive of the Shyok Valley, the Indus valley, the Markha Valley and the Nubra Valley. With the Rivers Shyok, Zanskar and Indus flowing through this region, the mountain ranges only add to the exciting experience here.

Today in Indian tourism, Ladakh is one of the most magnificent adventure destinations and has three major areas for trekking. The Zansker, the Nubra Shyok valley and the Leh area are the three most important trekking zones in this part of Ladakh. Zansker has Padam as its major point. Himachal Pradesh is the starting point of most trails and the route from manali forms the backbone of a trekking trail in Ladakh adventure travels. Padam is the focal point from where major routes diverge.


All adventure enthusiasts head towards Ladakh in Indian travels and the beautiful gompas, and the snow clad mountains add to their travel pleasures. The ancient palaces and the warmth of the people here ensures that a Ladakh adventure travel would be replete with a lot more than you expected.

The Markha Valley trek

Ladakh has been accessible to visitors from foreign countries from the year 1974. From that time, Ladakh adventure travel experiences have been the mainstay of any adventure enthusiast. This arid region has thus managed to occupy the imagination of all the travelers. The itinerary of this trek lies between Zanskar and Ladakh. There is a variety of landscape here and the Kongmaru La Pass is the main landform here. Rising up to 5000 m this is a great oasis in the Markha Valley. With the fascinating views of the mighty Karakoram ranges the snow filled mountain beauty only adds to the pleasure of traveling to this part of the world. There are villages seen here and there and the barley and potato fields seem to dance to the tune of Mother Nature. Enjoy the warmth and simplicity of the peasants of Ladakh while you are on your trek.

Markha Valley trek

The trek is for around 14 days and starts in Leh. From Leh you would go southwards from the Indus Valley. Cross the River and enjoy the sight of the ochre rocks here. After a halt overnight, the trek progresses to climb the Kongmaru La. With the sight of narrow gorges being a common feature in this path, it is a truly exciting feeling to be in this region. There is another halt here overnight. Watch the lovely views from the Kongmaru la and proceed to Nimaling. The eastern views give you sights of China and Karakoram and the southern views give you the beauty of the regions of the Kang Yatze rising to a height of around 6400 m. You would also see the majestic Ladakhi range here. Then you would be in the land of the pastures of Nimaling. This is normally a domain of the shepherds of the Hankar and Markha group.

Markha Valley trek

The following day you would head towards Hankar. From Nimaling to Thachutse is a lovely trek down and then as you cross the Nimaling river most of your adventurous desires would have been fulfilled. The trail takes you to the River Markha and you would find yourself surrounded by the best of Mother Nature.

Markha Valley trek

Finally you would reach your end destination after days of such Ladakh adventure travel pleasures and excitement.

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