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kobe-port-tower-kobe-japan-main1Kobe is the newest to join the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Creative Cities Network as a City of Design. Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan and has distinctive features that distinguish it from other Japanese cities.

The city of Kobe is nestled between the lush green Rokko Mountain range to the north and the shimmering blue water of the Seto Inland Sea to the south.  Kobe is a town that has been miraculously recovered from the earthquake.

There are many distinctive features of Kobe – the beauty of its surrounding sea and mountains, international cuisine, Kobe beef, sake, specialty cakes and coffee, fashionable ambience, cultural assets and many more add as jewel to the crown of Kobe

You can walk the streets of Kitano Cho, which is an exotic residential area to get a glimpse of the Japanese ethos as you walk down the lanes, you will find houses that are made of stone or brick. Some have fish-scale siding boards, while others have weather-vanes on their roofs. Some are used as coffee shops and boutiques, while others are used as historic museums.

Nunobiki Waterfallson the Ikuta River, rank in beauty with the Kegon and Nachi waterfalls. There are four waterfalls in this area Viz. Me (female), Tsudumi (drum), Meoto (couple), and O (male) waterfalls. O-waterfall is the most dynamic and beautiful with its 43-meter fall. The cave at the rear of the waterfall is said to be the Palace of the Dragon. This waterfall is an amazing sight of beauty and must be visited while in Kobe.

You can also take the cable car and the ropeway to get to the top of Mount Rokko to have a night view of the city. This is the longest rope way in Japan which takes you to a height of 931 meters. As you travel in the ropeway you will finds lights going smaller and smaller. When you reach the top of the mountain you will find various play spots, such as the pasture where you can watch the cattle and sheep graze, field athletics, a camping ground, and an artificial ski slope which is generally crowded on weekends.

While in Kobe visit the port Island that is the biggest manmade island in the world. This island hosts a convention center, a fashion building where apparel makers are consolidated, an amusement park, a science museum, and various other facilities.

Merican Park is a beautiful park made made by filling the American Wharf which was constructed in 1868. It contains the Kobe City Marine Museum, which resembles a yacht with a big white sail.

After your visit to the various destinations you can relax at Arima Onsen which is the oldest spa in Japan. There are two different kinds of water springs which is said to effective against any disease.  You can enjoy a relaxing bath at this ancient spa.

Once you visit this destination you will agree that this is one of the creative cities in the world.

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  1. lochlomondo says:

    kobe looks like a fantastic city. The closest I have ever been to Japan is through the discovery channel but I think I will have to experience the country one day. I have read and watched so much about the place and the local values.
    .-= lochlomondo ´s last blog ..4 Star Loch Lomond Accommodation =-.

  2. vareeja says:

    Kobe is most famous for its Kobe beef and Arima Onsen (or “hot springs”). Notable buildings include the Ikuta Shrine as well as the Kobe Port Tower. It is well known for the night view of the city, from mountains such as Mount Rokkō, and Mount Maya as well as the coast.

    Kobe is also known for having a somewhat exotic atmosphere by Japanese standards, which is mainly as a result of its history as a port city.

    The city is also widely associated with cosmopolitanism and fashion, encapsulated in the Japanese phrase,

    “If you can’t go to Paris, go to Kobe.”

    The biannual fashion event Kobe Fashion Week, centered around the Kobe Collection is held in Kobe. The jazz festival “Kobe Jazz Street” has been held every October at jazz clubs and hotels since 1981.
    Kobe is the site of Japan’s first golf course, Kobe Golf Club, established by Arthur Hasketh Groom in 1903, and Japan’s first mosque, Kobe Mosque, built in 1935.The city also hosts the Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club, founded in 1870 by Alexander Cameron Sim, a prominent foreign cemetery, and a number of Western-style residences from the 19th century, in the Kitano area.

    Most of the 1957 romantic drama Sayonara takes place in Kobe and the city is also the setting of the Studio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies.

  3. hadlene says:

    i really have to visit this place one day… it really reminds me of a dream holiday. such splendid modern architecture, no wonder most of the movies hav been shot here.

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