Kashmir: Jewel of India

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Kasmir is like a diamond on the crown of India. The landscape of Kashmir is surrounded in the north by the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal in the south. There are great rivers which flow down the valleys which are covered by orchards and made beautiful by the lakes full of lilies.

kashmir in india

Among the important places to visit are the following sites


Also known as the meadow of flowers, Gulmarg lies at an altitude of 2730 meters. It is situated in the Baramulla district of Kashmir. It is also a world renowned tourist destination. Gulmarg is known for its unmatched beauty.

Tall conifers full of dense forests surround this region. In all of India it is well known for its winter sports resorts. Gulmarg is famous for its serene highland golf courses and golf hikes. This place is also rated as one of the number 1 tourist destinations in the world.


Shrines of Kashmir:

Amarnath cave is the most important shrine which is situated about 48 km from Pahalgam. This shrine attracts pilgrims from all over the world. This shrine is situated above sea level at an altitude of 13000 feet. The amaranth cave shrine is widely believed to be the abode of lord Shiva. There are many famous temples to be visited at the Nagdandi Ashram, Anantnag, Akingam, Deviangan, Goswami Gund, Bijbehara and ukbhavan. At Aishmuqam there is the famous shrine of Bab-Zain-Ud-Dn. The last rishi of saints is Baba-Hyder Rishi whose shrine can be found at Anantnag.

Amarnath cave

Shankaracharya Temple:

It is situated on the Shankaracharya hill at 1100 feet above the level of the main city. The hill is also known as Takht-e-Suleiman. Raja Gopadatya in 317 B.C is believed to have constructed this Shiva Temple. This is the oldest shrine located in the district of Kashmir. The stairs to the temple were built by Maharaja Gulab Singh who was the Dogra ruler. The temple has archaeological relevance besides being a religious place for hindus. A panoramic view of the city of Srinagar can be seen from the temple.

This town known as the port of wular lies on the east bank of the lake Wullar. Bandipora has a beautiful park at the pattern of Nishat Bagh which is very famous. The roads from Gilgit and Gurez lead to Bandipora.

Nishat Bagh

Hazratbal Shrine:

Located in Srinagar, the Hazratbal shrine is situated near the Dal lake on its left bank. This monument is built in the honor and respect of Prophet Mohammad and his hair is preserved here. In 1623 Pleasure House or Ishrat mahal which is a palatial building along with a garden was constructed by Sadiq khan near to this shrine. The sacred hair of Prophet Mohammad is display on various festivities which are events related with the life of the Prophet and his four holy companions.

Hazratbal Shrine

Chatti Padshahi:

It is a sikh Gurudwara which is situated in Kashmir near Srinagar. It also well known for its grandeur and is a well visited site.

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