Jungle Safari in Nepal

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Nepal has the most pristine and amazing collection of National Parks which can be neglected due to the other exciting activities of river rafting and mountain trekking. But a jungle cruising and safari can be just as exhilarating and exciting.

Elephant back or by canoe!

One can choose form a jungle jeep to elephant back ride or the most basic and humbling experience by foot with the company of an experienced guide. It is an ideal experience for anyone of any age group. Individuals can be close to nature and stay in a tent style accommodation at the parks or choose to occupy beautiful resorts. One can select a complete package of resort, meals and days full of activity.

elephant safari

Indigenous natives and their traditions:

During a jungle walk one can observe the beauty of the fauna of the jungle and view the various animals at close range. You can also see the signs, tracks and sounds of the different animals in the jungle. The scenery of the forests, birds and animals and the tribal natives with their unique traditions, dress and language make for an interesting combination.

Relax after trekking with a jungle safari.

The Terai region is popular among tourists for its jungle safaris. The safari includes game stalking by means of a dugout, by foot, canoe, vehicle or the ultimate elephant back. The best time to visit the national parks is anytime of the year other than the monsoon season which can tend to make ground conditions more difficult for traversing.

Chitwan Jungle Safari:

Royal Chitwan National Park is the most famous and Nepal’s first National Park. It is located in the central development region of Nepal. It has been declared a World Heritage Nature Site by UNESCO. It spans an area of 932 square kilometers.

Royal Chitwan National Park

Tiger and rhinos!

One can get to the Asian one horned rhinoceros which has a 500 plus, strong population here in the park reserve. This National Park is also home to the Royal Bengal Tigers. The vast array of plant and animal life include about 600 different species of plants and 50 varied mammals, 49 reptiles and amphibians, and 526 different types of birds to spot.

Bengal Tiger
The famous jungle safari here will take you through the vast expanses of the grassland. Ride on the back of an elephant and sight the various wild animals which include wild boars, varieties of deers, rhinos, and in rare time one can even encounter a tiger.

Birds and more birds:

Brahminy ducks, the majestic peacocks, bar-headed geese, hornbills, red-headed trogons, pintails, floricans, peahens, and woodpeckers can all be seen on the safari. You can venture into the heart of the jungle by jeep as well. Or you can simply float downstream the serene waters of the Narayani or the Rapti rivers in a canoe or a boat. This is a great way to explore the region. It is great fun for the entire family.

hornbill pintails

Getting there and accommodation:

The Bagmara jungle resort which is situated on the boundary of the park gives you good views of the river. One can reach the Chitwan National Park by a short flight from Kathmandu. One can also travel by a tourist bus which is a four hour journey away. You can also travel on a raft from the Trishuli river to the park.

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